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Raves have always promoted self-expression through music and style. Even though the values are the same, rave style has evolved throughout the years! It has evolved from tanks and shorts to festive rave tops, crops tops, booty shorts, and many with cool designs and textures. This article will focus on the trend for rhinestones and sequins relating to rave fashion.

Even just a few years ago, rave fashion was changing and designs were becoming popular within the rave scene. Back then, many people wore rave tops and shorts that had cool and trippy designs. Many people still added lots of glitter and rhinestones to their face as part of the makeup, like adding individual rhinestones along the eyebrows or around the eyes.

Wild West Enchantress Outfit

Throughout the years, there have been more and more unique designs, and nowadays, many of them feature rhinestones and sparkly sequins. Nowadays, rhinestones and sequins don’t just go on your face. Many sets and rave pieces will feature them all over! For example, the Bling it on Rhinestone set has glitter stones studded from top to bottom.

Many people have evolved from just rhinestones to the face and clothes; they are now part of lots of fashion pieces, for example accessories and shoes! Here is an example of some studded out goggles that will glimmer in the lights and sun at a rave.

Styling Sequins & Rhinestones

Rhinestones are a great addition to your outfit and accessories. You can easily elevate your outfit by adding rhinestones! They are super easy to add. Many people have also started studding their hair with rhinestones. If you grew up as a kid in the 2000s, you might’ve used something like a bedazzler like this before, and now they are blowing up again!

Dancing In The Desert Outfit


Sequins have also been a big part of rave fashion. They especially blew up in the 2010s when the flip sequins were in style, and that along with regular sequins were seen in a lot of rave fashion. Back then, there were more straightforward with all sequined clothes in one color. Sequins have definitely changed in the scope of raves, and there are a lot more intricate designs made with sequins that can be seen on a lot of the rave fashion now, for example, like sequin fringed skirts and sleeves, sequin sewn designs, and many more unique colors!

And of course, sequins are also seen in many accessories now, like gloves and hats and shoes and more!

Intergalactic Rebel Outfit

Sequins and rhinestones started off with basic designs and colors as simple additions to rave makeup and fashion. They have slowly evolved to taking over rave clothes and accessories and when you see rhinestones and sequins everywhere, you’ll know you’re at a rave! They not only come in cute colors and designs that make you stand out, the reflectiveness of rhinestones and sequins will make you glimmer in the sun at a festival or once the light beams hit you at a rave! Consider adding some glitter and shine to your outfit and you’ll be the next star of the show in the crowd!

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