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January 17, 2024 | 0 COMMENTS

Holiday time is right around the corner. With snowfall just starting to grace its way to cover the crisp fall leaves, turkeys being carved and nostalgic carols to be sung, what better way is there to celebrate holiday cheer than with some new rave outfits?


Lightning Flash Reflective Outfit

Silly In Space Rainbow Reflective Outfit

Particularly, the reflective rave trend, which has stepped onto the scene in abundance in the last couple of years and has no plans of dying down anytime soon! The reflective rave trend is one of the most popular styles we have at iHeartRaves, and it’s no surprise why.

Reflective fabrics not only compliment every skin tone and body shape, but look AMAZING when under the bright lights of the rave! They look mega-cool at festivals too (Decadence or Hijinx NYE, anyone?) We can’t wait to see the hot looks that will be created this winter using some of iHeartRaves most iconic reflective gear

Augmented Reality Reflective Outfit

Vibe Check Rainbow Reflective Outfit

How Reflective Rave Clothes Work

Pull out a flash camera on your smartphone and a whimsical, bright reflection of the super-cool pants or top come to life - you’re instantly the life of the party! The fabric is designed to reflect light, making it a great piece to add to your rave collection for all of those lasers and flashing lights.

Flashbang Matrix Reflective Halter Outfit

It’s no wonder the reflective rave trend has been becoming more and more popular and seen everywhere these days in the rave community, for both men and women! Reflective clothes fit any style and can be dressed up or dressed down to create some KILLER looks. iHeartRaves has been serving up some HOT looks this holiday season. Reflective clothes are incredibly versatile and can be layered to keep you warm in the winter season. Our Reflective Chaps are some of the most popular pieces that we have at iHeartRaves. They pair well with practically everything and can keep you warm if things ever get chilly at the festival. Check them out below:

Radiant Reflective Outfit

Check out some of the links below for your iHeartRaves reflective fashion needs - including some of our best-selling items. Our reflective bodysuit can be found here. Our STUNNING reflective crop pants can be found here. If you’re looking for a more subtle reflective look, check out our reflective crop top here. You’ll be sure to be the life - and light! - of the party in some of these reflective looks.

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