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I wouldn’t call myself a glitter expert, but I've been putting glitter on long enough to know a thing or two about how to style it. Once glitter was introduced into the world of raving, I was immediately hooked! When I started adding glitter to my makeup routine for events, my friends started asking me: how do you do that?! To inspire and help others with their glitter needs, I’ve come up with one look that will have you feeling pretty fabulous! In this festival makeup tutorial, I will be styling Lunautics, Angel Aura and 24Kayyy with Gypsy Shrine face gems to create a Pretty in Pink Princess look!

Lunautics Glitter

Step 1: Put on your base makeup. Trust me, it would be a pain to try to put on any sort of makeup if you’ve put on your rave accessories first. I just use concealer, foundation, eyeliner, and a brow pomade for my everyday look.

Festival Makeup Glitter Tutorial

Step 2: Glue on your gems. Even though all of the Lunautics, Gypsy Shrine, or any other face gem brand have adhesives, I also HIGHLY recommend using eyelash glue to add extra support to your gems. If you're going to be actively dancing (or headbanging) all night, you might be at risk of losing a gem - and just one small gem can be crucial to your look! (Note: any brand of eyelash glue will work!)

Festival Makeup Glitter Tutorial Step 2

Step 3: Place glitter primer on the area you want to put glitter on. I personally use E.L.F Glitter Primer to put on my glitter, I absolutely love it and my glitter hardly budges! I usually use my fingers to place the primer on, but since I'm only putting glitter on small areas I used a small makeup brush.

Festival Makeup Glitter Tutorial Step 3

Step 4: Put on glitter to the spots you put glitter primer. For this look, I placed Angel Aura directly around the gems while I outlined it with a little bit of 24Kayyy to give it a little pop!

Festival Makeup Glitter Tutorial Step 4

Step 5: Spray setting spray over your masterpiece and you’re all done! For setting spray, I use Urban Decay because it holds my makeup throughout the entire event without glitter coming off. 

Festival Makeup Glitter Tutorial Step 5

Step 6 (optional): Add a flower crown! If you don’t think glitter is enough, add some accessories to make your look even more fabulous! You can’t go wrong with a flower crown or even flower cat ears, they just make you feel even more majestic! Check out iHeartRaves' blog post for steps on how to DIY a flower crown!

Festival Makeup Glitter Tutorial - completed look

I hope you all learned a thing or two about some of your glitter needs and maybe I’ll see some of you with this inspired look at an event!

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