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Do you believe? I do. I’ve seen the lights. Phoenix Lights, that is. Get ready for a whole crew of invaders to take you to another planet. The sixth annual Phoenix Lights Festival will be held at The Park at Wild Horse Pass. This year’s weekend of intergalactic fun will come in peace on Friday, April 3rd and Saturday, April 4th, 2020! Who’s ready to party?!

This festival has a very special place in my heart. The lineup is always stacked. The weather is usually nice. Most importantly,  I’ve made some incredible memories at Phoenix Lights over the years. It was the first festival I ever worked as an immersive character. (I had so much fun being a “space bunny” decked out in all silver with my girl gang!)  It was the first festival that I experienced with the love of my life. Every year that I go I have the best time frolicking around pretending to be in another world. Plus, I love aliens. I jokingly consider myself one all the time. 

I know we’re all still shaking off the last little bit of those post-holiday blues. So, it’s time to start planning toward making some fresh 2020 memories! Spring is almost in the air and Spring festival season is right around the corner. Have you planned all the festivals you want to go to? Phoenix Lights is a must for me. But if you’re on the fence still or you need more persuasion on why you should go, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are four reasons why you should experience Phoenix Lights 2020 (and encounter aliens):

Spaceship at Phoenix Lights
Photo Credit: Rukes

1. It’s alien-themed. So, rumor has it, the festival is inspired by the infamous massive UFO sighting that people in The Valley claimed to see in our night sky over 20 years ago. Some say it was military flares lighting up the sky...others say it was UFOs. No matter what it was, I love that this festival is inspired by something so bizarre. That’s the fun of it! I mean, come on, aliens are fun. Having this theme makes everything super silly. All the lights and lasers at the stages taking you on an intergalactic journey. The festival will transport you straight into space. Plus, you can dress super futuristic and otherworldly, like this look here. (Que “Take Me To Your Leader” by Walker & Royce.) 

Intergaltic Jogger Set

Swerved Reflective Jogger Set

Psttt..guys, iHeartRaves has you SO covered for Space-themed men's tees, joggers and tanks. Check them out here! 

2. Phoenix Lights takes place during such a beautiful time of year. Spring blooms with new life and it sets the vibe for everyone to feel revitalized and energized. Usually, during the first week of April, the weather isn’t crazy hot yet here in the Phoenix area. By that, I mean that there’s a nice breeze when soaking up the sun rays. (The sun rays can be a bit intense so sunscreen is a must!) Phoenix Lights is going to be held this year at the Park at Wild Horse Pass. I think that’s a smart move because it’s super scenic and there’s plenty of grass to chill on. This is perfect because you can enjoy the surrounding nature while you’re getting down to some outer-worldly music. What could be better? 
    Phoenix Lights Sunset by Rukes

    Photo Credit: Rukes

    3.  Only a handful of artists have been released, but they're INCREDIBLE! Here are four major names you can look forward to:

    Afrojack - The Dutch DJ and producer is globally known for his high-tempo collaborations with hit artists like David Guetta, Nicki Minaj, and Madonna. He’s best known for songs like “Dirty Sexy Money” with Charli XCX and French Montana.

    MK -  This DJ has roots in Detroit and has been spinning since the 80’s so you know he has a great, deep-house sound. MK has made major impressions in the deep-house game with songs like, “17” and “Back & Fourth” with Jonas Blue and Becky Hill. 

    NGHTMRE - This DJ is no stranger to the Arizona EDM scene. He’s back to have us all headbanging into another dimension! NGHTMRE is well known for his collaboration with SLANDER called “Gud Vibrations” and “Frontlines” with Zeds Dead and GG Magree.

    Walker & Royce - This powerful duo has their own unique and distinct house sound you could spot anywhere with songs like “Dance with Me” with Chris Lake and “Role Models” with Oncue. 

    I can’t wait to see what else is in store if the lineup is already this good. 


    4. Each year it’s gotten better and better. The experience you have at a festival is EVERYTHING. Having access to luxurious lounging at a festival can make all the difference when you’re needing a break from dancing and exploring. Feeling the music you hear is definitely one of the most key components, but how you treat your body and mind at a festival is everything. I love to have more than “just a place to sit.” I want the real deal. Like, give me a place to sit near art, or a place with some interactive activities going on. Back in 2017, there were little igloo huts offering a comfy place to sit, buffers to massage your body after dancing and more.

    Fast- forward to last year, and there were beautiful shaded canopies to lounge at! One of the shaded lounge spaces was hosted by iHeartRaves! The space was filled with beautiful art and interactive textures, photo op-art cart AND a craft beer garden! (The iHR space was the only place where you could get delicious craft beer too! It was a crowd-pleaser.) How cool is that? Just imagine all the fun things that will happen THIS year!!


    If you still need to be convinced that Phoenix Lights is an out-of-this-world experience, check out the 2020 trailer below:


    I hope to see you fellow aliens there! :) 


    Peace, Love, Unity, Respect!


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