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Every raver dreams of attending major massive festivals like EDC Las Vegas, Ultra Music Festival and Tomorrowland, but those events are never what spark their love for raving in the first place. The local raves and festivals in our own communities are the heart and soul of the industry. They're the backbone of the underground that brought the rave scene into the limelight that it's in today. For me—and any other Salt Lake City native—that local scene started with V2, the Utah-based production company behind Das Energi Festival that's been throwing raves since I was collecting Bratz dolls (which are my rave fashion inspo today).

Today V2 is a major part of the local scene, with festivals like Get Funky, Get Freaky, Get Lucky and its annual summer festival Das Energi. Over the years events like Das Energi have grown from a single day rave to a multi-day festival that takes place at the end of each summer at The Great Saltair. What makes V2 particularly different from other local promoters in the scene is that they amp up their production to massive festival-level entertainment. The V2 dancers, much like the Ultra Angels, have become a staple at V2 events with wildly creative, custom costume design and intricate makeup artistry.

The brainchild behind V2s dancers and costume design is Megan Fullmer, the lead designer and creative who works with the dance team to create custom looks for each event. We talked with Megan ahead of this summer's Das Energi Festival to learn about her approach to rave fashion, and what Das Energi fans can expect when they enter the gates of The Great Saltair this August.

iHeartRaves: Hi! Can you tell us a bit about the V2 festivals from your perspective as a dancer?

Megan Fullmer: It’s hard to think about our events from any other perspective than as a dancer. It is the only perspective I know and I’m so grateful for the world we have created over the years.

The weeks leading up to our festivals get a bit hectic, [my design partner] Roxy and I usually hunker down to conceptualize, design, and create all the outfits. Once that part is done, the rest comes naturally. We try to bring on new talented dancers, flow artists, and makeup artists at almost every festival to keep things fresh and showcase new talent, while keeping our main crew around who have been with V2 Performers for years.

Photo: Courtesy of V2 Presents

iHR: Which V2 event is your favorite to prepare for/attend and why?

MF: Not surprisingly, Das Energi is my favorite V2 festival and I would guess the same goes for all my other dancer babies and most people involved. The preparation takes a lot more time than others due to the larger team and higher attention to detail that I put into Das Energi as our biggest festival of the year.

Being outside during the festival and one of the best times of year at The Saltair is always magical, and vibes that our attendees bring to Das Energi are just unmatched. It is an all around beautiful festival! 

iHR: Tell me about your creative process in designing the costumes for an event?

MF: So many Ideas for designs come to me naturally, while others are more strategic. Recently for Get Funky, I knew that I wanted to go with an emo/punk look for one night and a purple and gold look for the other. After knowing the colors I wanted the second night, I began searching for fabrics in those colors and the rest just came together. I think that the finished product turned out nicely!

iHR: What are some of your favorite pieces you've designed over the last several years?

MF: As a horror fan and enthusiast, I always have an especially fun time designing our costumes for Get Freaky. Each year, I try to top the shock and gore value from the previous year, while still keeping our team looking sexy and fun. Combining these two aspects from two favorite hobbies of mine is very fulfilling and fun! 

iHR: What are your favorite rave fashion styles and trends these days?

MF: I love to see so many different styles from different people at different festivals. One of the most fun parts about a festival is to see all the diversity of many people trying different things that make them comfortable and happy.

In terms of my own designs, I always try to create something different that hasn’t been done before, that still fits within the general trending styles of rave-wear.

iHR: Are there any newer rave fashion trends you're excited to see more of this festival season?

MF: I get excited about everybody’s creativity and watching people express themselves through their outfits every year, regardless of trends.

iHR: What are some of your favorite or most memorable rave trends over the years? Are there any you'd love to see make a comeback?

MF: Fluffies are definitely one of the most memorable. They are definitely making a comeback, but I’m unsure how I feel about that ;)

Photo: Courtesy of V2 Presents

iHR: Are there any trends you're happy to see go out of style?

MF: I personally am not a fan of fluffies 😂 but I think they look great on the right people. They also make dancing even hotter than it already is.

iHR: Do you have any favorite iHeartRaves pieces?

MF: The “Sky Full of Stars” sets are my favorite from iHeartRaves! I design the majority of our costumes from scratch, but usually will grab fishnets and other accessories from iHeartRaves because they accompany my designs so perfectly.

iHR: If you created your own line of rave clothes, what would be the theme?

MF: I am currently building my own line/brand called Shmeeks. I like to make outfits that everybody feels comfortable, sexy, and happy in. I also draw from a wide range of inspiration, so not sure that my brand will follow a specific “theme."

Das Energi Festival will take place at Salt Lake's Great Saltair on August 12 and 13. The festival features headliners like Deadmau5, Excision, Louis The Child and Subtronics with a stacked lineup that isn't even fully revealed. Das Energi is one of my favorite festivals in the United States because it has a unique vibe in a beautiful venue. See you there ;)

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