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Lost Lands is just around the corner! Soon we will be reunited at Legend Valley, Ohio amongst the dinosaurs on September 27 - 30th. As Lost Land creeps towards us, it's important to be properly prepared for this legendary, 3-day fest in the woods! If you're wondering what to pack for Lost Lands, I am a Lost Lands Veteran AND designated rave mom that's here to help you! 

By now, you should know if you are driving or flying to know how much you can bring! I like to categorize my things into piles such as, “Don’t Forget”," “Just In Case” and “Extras.” This will help you be able to quickly save space - just start by packing the "Don't Forget pile" first! Also, I highly recommend coordinating non-personal items with your squad so you can maximize space in your suitcases or car!

Here's a quick packing checklist for Lost Lands to help you get there with everything you need!


Festival Must Haves:

  • Festival Wristband & Camping Wristband (Both are SEPARATE purchases but you need both if you are staying at the fesitval)
  • Wallet with your ID (Please make sure you have your ID and emergency cash/card with you)
  • Hydration Pack (Please stay Hydrated)
  • Kandi
  • Lost Lands Outfits
  • Portable Charger
  • Oversized Fan/Spray bottle with Fan (Stay cool in the daytime, they have booths that sell fans or IHR has amazing new choices)
  • Flow Art Toys
  • Chapstick & Sunscreen & Hand Sanitizer (It is still hot in Ohio in Sept, don’t be a lobster, protect your lips and skin especially from germs)
  • Comfortable Rave Shoes (at least two pair just in case, Lost Lands can be rough with shoes on please bring them and wear them!)

General Travel Essentials:

  • Toiletries (SOAP & DEODORANT & SHAMPOO/CONDITIONER, I must capitalize it so everyone can understand the importance of all of these)
  • Toilet Paper/Tissues/Baby Wipes (LL crew is pretty good about keeping the bathrooms clean and kept up but i’d bring back up)
  • Toothbrush & Tootpaste (Just as important as the first one)
  • Bug Spray/Bug Candles (Both spraying yourself and lighting a candle to help keep bugs away will keep you from being itchy all weekend)
  • Towel (After showering you’ll need to dry off or in case you forgot a blanket to sit on)
  • Tampons or Pads (For the beautiful cavewomen)
  • Makeup & Hair accessories (Everything to make your outfits on point)
  • Backup Glasses or Contacts with Solution (If you are a four eyed dino like me you need to bring extra things to see out of in case yours break or rip)
  • Scissors/Knife (must-have for making kandi at the campgrounds!)

Campsite Must Haves:

  • Tent with Canopy (I always bring a canopy to camping festival because it can rain even when the weather channel doesn’t call for it, a canopy can protect from the sun and save your tent from the rain.
  • Sleepings Bags/Blankets/Pillows (I always bring one extra of each it gets cold at night and sometimes the sleeping bags aren’t enough cushion for me)
  • Air Mattress/Air Pump (In case you don’t have enough cushion)
  • Flashlights (For scary stories, duh)
  • Folding Chairs/Hammocks (Relax in the grass with these)
  • Hangout Clothes/Sleepwear (The whole weekend isn’t rave attire 24/7 so get some comfy pants)
  • Sunglasses
  • Dad Hat 
  • FOOD/DRINKS (Bring a cooler pack it with water, snacks, alcohol if your 21+, and whatever else you like)

Nice to Haves: 

  • Backup outfits - should something rip you have a backup to change into
  • A Festival Flag - to find your campground
  • Travel shampoo and conditioner - your hotel might not provide them or your friend might forget to pack theirs.
  • Backup shoes - yours could break and you should NOT go full caveman for three days, that isn’t fair to your feet.
  • Sunblock, because it is sunny and hot during the day. 
  • CASH - you never know when your card might not work.


  • Socks
  • Underwear
  • A Towel/Blanket- campers always pack one extra cause you never know if you need it, something could spill or it could become extra cold at night
  • A Tarp, campers if it rains this can save your tent from soaking in water!
  • Lastly, a roll of toilet paper. I always have one in my bag at a festival. You never know if the port-o-potty will have it. LL last year was really good about cleaning them up but just in case


Still need some extra packing tips? We've got you covered!

Lost Lands Packing Tip #1: Research all rental car companies at the airport before selecting one. You can compare prices and double-check how much the young driver fee is (25 and under)! I always have a list to see what the best deal is. Always check airlines too! Southwest is normally always the cheapest airline. PRINT CONFIRMATIONS OF EVERYTHING. Sometimes your phone is dead or no service, don’t get stuck without a car cause they can’t find your reservation.


Lost Lands Packing Tip #2: IN CASE YOU FORGOT SOMETHING IMPORTANT! The closest Walmart is about 9 miles away from Legend Valley maybe 20 minutes down the road. There is UBER and LYFT available but last year it was hard to use the apps because there weren’t many drivers. Hopefully this year there will be more. Don’t forget you can carpool with other ravers who might need a store run for cheaper rides!

Lost Lands Packing Tip #3: PREPARE FOR ANY WEATHER: The weather is supposed to be nicer than last year but it can change in a heartbeat. Last year I wrote about how to prepare for your first Lost Lands in Legend Valley, but just be ready for any weather!!

Lost Lands Packing Tip #4: When packing, roll your clothes. It helps saves space for more things. Put your socks into your shoes. Use kandi to wrap things tighter. Also, bring a JACKET the weather can change in a heartbeat!

 See you at Legendy Valley!


Renee said:

Use yoga mats, reflective car windshield thing, and inflatable pool floaties for cusion under your sleeping bag/blankets! Also using a storage bin container is great for food. I suggest going to the dollar store to get a hang-up shoe organizer to hang in your tent and put clothes in to prevent anything that the tent may seep in. It always seems to rain!! Bring a clear rain pancho so you can stay dry and still show off those outfits!

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