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What Lizzy Jane loves about the dance music industry is not just the music, but the sense of community that comes with it. She got her start in dubstep and bass music before expanding into new genres as an artist, and used her love for the community to create music that would resonate with the people in it. Today, as she gears up to release her debut EP  What Is Silence, she is also thinking about ways to further give back to the dance music community through live shows and other performances. 

We chatted with Lizzy Jane as she prepares for her show at North Coast Music Festival later this month. Check out what she had to say below, and what her favorite iHeartRaves picks are as well! You can get tickets to North Coast here. The festival will take place from September 2-4 in Chicago. You can check out Lizzy Jane's new single "Chemical Love" here.

iHeartRaves: Tell us about your music...

Lizzy Jane: My roots in electronic music have always been dubstep and free-form bass music. Over the last two years, I have fully incorporated my vocals into all of my singles and collaborations. I am so grateful to have the support from major bass labels such as Disciple Round Tables, Kannibalen, Subsidia and more. The future of Lizzy Jane comes with my debut EP  What Is Silence  that will be released this fall. 

Lightning Speed Clasp Choker

"Accessories are EVERYTHING to me! I love dressing up in a simple show outfit with earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.  I would love to wear these fun earrings with a high pony for one of my sets!!"

I will always keep bass music in my roots, but I am expanding my sound and growing my project, as every artist should. Keeping the heavy undertones paired with my own vocals, I am starting to build a fully live show. Incorporating looping features, organic instruments, and of course continuing to DJ and sing. I feel like everything I've done my whole life musically (before the Lizzy Jane project was created) has led to this moment where I have incorporated my full musical background into the future of the project that I am most passionate about.

I cannot wait for the fans and for North Coast to hear what I've been up to. The energy will remain the same, but you're about to see many more sides to Lizzy Jane! :)

iHR: Tell us about your new release, Take Control?

LJ: “Take Control” was a wonderful track to work on with Figure, who is an absolute legend of an artist. Figure and I met when we played a show in Florida together and he heard me sing. Shortly after, we discussed starting a collaboration, we did a podcast at Forbidden Kingdom Music Festival 2021, and the rest was history. This song came together so naturally.

As I definitely have a unique voice, we pulled from all different styles of music for inspiration on this one, and it all blended together so well. The cinematic elements and crazy sound design paired with my vocals fully brought this haunting song to life.

I can't wait to play this one during my set at NCMF this year! “Take Control” is about taking control of your life and proving everyone wrong. To everyone who hasn't heard the song yet, listen to “Take Control” HERE.

Time 2 Get Lit Reflective Cargo Joggers

"These reflective joggers would be SO cute to wear for a nighttime festival or club set paired with a cropped tee and platforms. I LOVE them."

iHR: Can you tell us about the production process of that?

LJ: Figure initially sent me an insane first outline of what he was thinking for the instrumental of the song, and it sounded like it was written for me. I wrote the lyrics and started to engineer them shortly after. We worked on a few sessions sending the project back and forth, tweaking small mixing details and adding some more cinematic elements.

I debuted the song at Lost Lands 2021, and we knew it would be a bit before the track was released (literally about a year) so we were so happy when we got a date to lock in a release before this summer!

Non-Slip Reflective Leg Wraps"For North Coast, I would pair these leg wraps with biker shorts and a crop with a half up half down hair for a killer rave / show fit that is still comfy but SUPER cute and great for hot weather. I know sometimes when I wear joggers or big jeans, it gets VERY hot on stage. I can't imagine how hot it would get dancing!!"

iHR: What can fans expect from your upcoming North Coast set?

LJ: Fans can expect tons of new music, especially hearing all the singles from my upcoming EP  What is Silence,  plus other gems from the last year of writing, more singing than ever before, and LOTS of energy ... but most of all, it's making sure that when I have the stage everyone is having the best time, staying safe and watching out for one another.

iHR: What are some of your favorite rave and festival styles?

LJ: I initially was drawn to raves and festivals because you can wear and be whoever you want to be, unapologetically. I always loved that. As someone who didn't feel like they fit in throughout my grade school years, this became my safe space to meet others and connect in ways where I didn't feel judged.

I personally love pairing fun, thrifty, loud jackets (jean and leather) with some type of crop paired with baggy jeans or sleek biker shorts. I definitely can't wait to try out some more new styles this coming festival season and fall touring season!

Dazed & Confused Mushroom Corset Halter Top"I would completely pair this with a pair of big baggy jeans and platforms for a fun daytime set!! I love the retro - flower vibe."

iHR: What does festival fashion mean to you?

LJ: Festival fashion means you can leave societal norms at the front gates and wear what you want to wear without judgement! As someone who struggles every day to be comfortable in my own skin, seeing so many beautiful ladies completely owning their outfits at festivals makes me feel so amped and inspired to take the stage and own it.

iHR: What does rave and dance music culture mean to you?

LJ: It's pretty crazy to see the growth of electronic dance music in this culture, even in the last 5 to 10 years. It's absolutely wild. It makes me happy and excited for the future of this scene growing to new heights.

In a world that is coming apart one day and decision at a time, dance music stays a safe place for all. As long as us artists, attendees, industry personnel and music lovers preserve this space, we will continue to see this culture grow and flourish.

For The Culture Joggers"As you can see by now, I'm a big jogger girl - I love these 'for the culture joggers'. I would wear them for a day at the studio or on a travel day to a show! They look super comfy and can be styled up or down depending on the occasion!!!"

iHR: If you made one piece of kandi today, what would it say?

LJ: I would definitely make a kandi bracelet today that says 'love more.' We need love more than ever right now in every corner of our world, and I have complete confidence this love is still preserved at music festivals and concerts.

We must fight to keep spreading that love in our workplace, with our friends and family, and in day to day interactions with complete strangers. I fully believe you can make a difference as one person because you can inspire another individual to make a change or decision for the better.

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