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November 27, 2018 | 0 COMMENTS

Don’t you just wish you could attend every festival? I swear every year more new events get announced that give me the worst FOMO if I’m not able to go. However, all of this has definitely taught me how to prioritize which events mean the most to me, and do what I can to get myself to those festivals above everything else. There are a lot of factors that I take into account when choosing which festivals to attend each year, as I’m sure there are for most people. However, if we’re being totally honest, I usually know right when I hear a festival/lineup announcement is made whether or not I’ll be in attendance.

So was the case for Lights All Night this year. I’d been hearing about Lights All Night since I started raving three years ago, but had always ended up somewhere else come New Year’s weekend. However, this year I decided that I’m going to make the trip out to Dallas Market Hall on December 28th-29th to finally experience this festival. Here are the three main reasons why I made the decision, and why you should too!


  • 1. The Lineup Is Incredible

  • This festival always manages to maintain a balance between big, heavy-hitting headliners and smaller artists who are on the rise. This year was no exception! A lot of fan favorites will be making it out this year, including Kaskade, Excision, Tiesto, Rezz, Diplo, and Gucci Mane. However, I’m even more excited for some of the smaller artists on the lineup, especially Charlesthefirst, Luca Lush, 1788-L, What So Not, and Ekali’s house set. These are artists with tons of talent, but ones I don’t get the opportunity to see near as often as the huge headlining names. The variety on this bill is going to make it an incredible weekend for everyone.

    Lights All Night 2018 Lineup

  • 2. The Festival Is Over the Weekend

  • As you may have noticed, New Year’s Eve falls on a Monday this year. While to some people this may not matter or affect their plans at all, to many people with more “standard” schedules this could be a difficult thing to navigate. Almost all of the big New Year’s festivals take place actually on New Year’s Eve, but Lights All Night is different. It takes place on the Friday and Saturday before, allowing its attendees to celebrate over the weekend instead of on NYE itself. This might also make it convenient for a lot of people who will be traveling in from out of town.

    Girl on Shoulders at Lights All Night 2017

    Image Courtesy of Lights All Night


    3. It's a Texas Festival that Has Stood the Test of Time

    It’s no secret that Texas has been in a drought, in terms of festivals, these last couple of years. Multiple major Texas festivals have shut down recently, and there weren't very many options in Texas this year. This is such a shame because I know Texas has a strong and diverse electronic music community, and they definitely deserve some larger and better events. Lights All Night is one of the festivals that has remained a solid part of the Texas rave scene for several years now, so that has to mean it’s successful and worth checking out! 

    Lights All Night Ariel Shot

    Image Courtesy of Lights All Night

    Trying out new festivals and experiencing incredible music in new places are a few of my favorite things to do, and I can’t wait to spend my last weekend of the year doing exactly that!

    If you're looking for more info about the festival, you can check out the Lights All Night website. And, be sure to grab Lights All Night tickets before they sell out. See you under the lights!

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