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We only have a few short weeks before Ilesoniq takes over Parc Jean-Drapeau in Montreal, so it's time to get serious about what to wear. If you’ve been a little indecisive with your outfit choices or you just decided to get a last minute ticket, we’ve got you covered with this style inspo. Check out the lineup below to get a feel for the vibe of the festival, and grab tickets here!

Dress for your favorite artist

There are so many ways to honor any DJ with your outfit. Maybe you want to celebrate Swedish House Mafia’s reunion with an edgy, all black fit like the Cyber Angel Outfit. Or you could make sure Excision knows you’re a true headbanger with the Go Hard Outfit. Style your look based on an artist’s best album, the colors in their logo, or your favorite song. You can get really creative with this idea, but good luck trying to pick just one act as your favorite from this amazing lineup.

Cyber Angel Outfit

Go Hard Outfit

Bratz Be Like Outfit

Overdrive Outfit

Embrace the trends

Trends are popular for a reason—they look great! Embrace the trends this year at Ilesoniq and rock chaps, reflective gear or a corset. You can wear any of these pieces and still show off your personal style. Want to go for a cyber look? Pair some reflective gear with black like the Intergalactic Dream Girl Outfit does. Feeling western? Chaps and fringe will make you the trendiest cowgirl at the fest. There are tons of trends to choose from and you can make each one your own!

Intergalactic Dream Girl Outfit

Dashing Starlight Unicorn Outfit

Accessorize for the weather

It’ll likely be pretty warm at Ilesoniq this year. Montreal has an average high of 78 and low of 62 degrees Fahrenheit in August, and as we all know it tends to feel even warmer when you’re surrounded by thousands of other dancers. Protect yourself from the sun with a trippy bucket hat and a cute pair of sunnies. A fun fan can also help you beat the heat, and make friends with everyone around you in the crowd! If you get cold easily you can wrap up in this Take Flight Black Tassel Pashmina. It’ll match any outfit, making it both a fashionable and functional accessory!

Electric Escape Outfit

Make it mesh

Mesh is breathable and trendy, making it ideal for summer festivals. Whether you go with an oversized mesh tee or a stylish two-piece set, you won’t have to worry about sweat stains no matter how hard you dance. If you already have your look planned out but are searching for that special piece to tie it all together, consider mesh arm warmers. No matter how you style it, you’ll totally wow the crowd in mesh!

Moonlit Outfit

Power Up Outfit

Ilesoniq has a stacked lineup and you need some killer fits to match. Hopefully these ideas help you plan the perfect ensembles for an awesome weekend. Have fun at Ilesoniq!

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