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How do you even prepare for Lost Lands presented by the one and only Excision?

Simple Answer: You don’t at all or don’t know how to. I think don’t know how to is more appropriate.

Preparing for this much bass is ultimately impossible. It isn’t a festival anyone is ready for. I, myself am a huge headbanger, and I definitely am not prepared for this weekend to come. WHAT DO YOU EVEN EXPECT? (Hold on while I catch my breath) This whole festival is going to amazing. There are over 50+ DJ/producers to make this one unforgettable bass festival. 

lost lands festival lineup

Long Answer: Here are a few things I can suggest to help my fellow headbangers attending Lost Lands!

  • Buy Lost Lands ticket (as of right now they are 90% SOLD OUT)
  • Buy Plane Ticket/Get Car ready for road-tripping
  • Buy camping pass/hotel room (Currently camping is SOLD OUT but last minute campers that can’t go will have to sell their passes look out for those on social media pages!)
  • Stretch then squat, then stretch again
  • I honestly don’t know how to even tell you to prepare for such an amazing production featuring 750K watts of bass. That's 750,000 watts, people. Let's just let that sink in a little. Honestly just don’t prepare, then it’ll be that much more exciting.
  • Prepare for a chance of rain/snow (as my Ohio born mother says there’s always a chance)
  • Also a good chance it’ll be cold or it could be 80 degrees out! We will find out together.
  • Did I mention that you should stretch…EVERYTHING? Headbanging is a full body effort especially for 3 days straight. 
  • Learn, The Sacred Code of Lost Lands. Then follow it.
  • I would say get your outfits ready but I don’t even have mine! How much Excision stuff is too much? Actually, there is never too much! There are 3 days of options and so many artists to choose from to rep throughout the whole festival! (Don't forget Saturday is costume-themed
Lost Lands Festival headbanging guide diagram

Helpful tips from @LostLandsFestival

Lost Lands is going to be the most bass filled festival EVER with 750K watts to experience. Thank goodness they are passing out earplugs to EVERY PERSON THAT COMES THROUGH THE GATE. Let’s talk about this forever on how AMAZING it is. I have never heard of any other festival, especially a bass one, passing out earplugs to its fans because they understand that “bass is better felt than heard”. That means PROTECT YOUR EARS! Props to Excision and his team for realizing you are more likely to forget your earplugs if they had been sent with your ticket and that they should be passed out as you walk in! Genius! Excision and the team who put together Lost Lands, a round of applause to all of you.

Lost Lands Festival secret code

Learn it. Follow it.

I can't wait to see all my fellow headbangers at Lost Lands and experience this one of a kind festival! I wish I knew how to prepare but you just can't when there is so much unknown! The best way to prepare is to expect the unexpected with so many artists and it being a brand new festival who knows what will happen. I hope that it is well organized, safe and fun, as it seems they have that so far covered. Lets "prepare" but not really prepare for Lost Lands! If you still need tickets or more information check out their website or Excision's! See you there!! 

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