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From the moment you stepped into The Washington Music Theatre (WAMU) you could feel the elegance and magic that is Resolution Festival. With beautiful chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, and gorgeous design of the first stage you see, it was already hard to accept that I’d eventually have to leave. USC Event’s turned the WAMU into a wonderland.

This was my third Resolution Festival here in Seattle and it was by far my favorite. What made this year so special? A new, third, stage was added to the mix, AND it was full of house and trance! USC named this stage “The Clock Tower” and it was the best design I’ve seen in quite some time. The visuals, the stage, the vibes accompanied with the sounds of Gorgon City, I was in house heaven. At Freaknight, (USC Event’s annual Halloween Event), this hallway is where you would’ve found the bass stage, but at Resolution you were instantly captivated by the repetitive house beats and vortex-like tunnel USC created.

Photo credit: Hayley Edwards

Something that really stood out to me about Resolution was the sense of community I received everywhere I went. USC Event’s has a program called “Conscious Crew” which is volunteer group of ravers who walk around the events, in pairs, ensuring other ravers are having a good, safe, time at USC Events. That alone always made me feel like I was being watched after and cared for. Unity surrounded me, for example, I’d walk up to one of the water stations to refill my water, and the person in front of me in line would offer me to go in front of them. Even a small gesture like that, (although I declined their offer) made me realize what a caring community I am a part of.

Photo credit: USC Events and Paralax

Resolutions lineup was so diverse, I never found myself being the slightest bit bored. I was able to jump from the future-bass style’s of K?D, to some grimy bass provided by Figure. I was fully entertained the entire time. Speaking of K?D, he definitely had the best set of the evening. I had seen him once before at EDCLV this year, but his set at Resolution definitely took the cake. He was able to go from some future bass, to psy-trance, to dubstep flawlessly. Transitions were great and the crowd he drew was incredible. People dancing all around me, all enjoying the same thing I was enjoying: true bliss.

Unfortunately, Resolution couldn’t be held on NYE this year due to the Seahawks game that same weekend (for those of you that don’t know, The WAMU Theater is directly underneath Century Link Stadium). Even though Resolution wasn’t held on NYE this year, that didn’t stop USC Events from throwing the best New Years Party in the Pacific Northwest!

The sea of gold and white was a breathtaking way to bring in the new year and I’m already thinking about the next USC Event’s massive - Lucky. Held on March 17th, 2018, Lucky is USC’s St. Patrick’s Day event and without a doubt, should be just as magical as Resolution.  

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