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Part of the fun of raves/festivals is dressing up from head to toe - literally! A relatively easy way to add some serious sparkle to your look is to create glitter roots in your hair! Glitter roots (quite literally meaning to glitter the roots of your hair) are a popular hair trend and a super fun way to spice up your look. Simply follow these steps from one of our favorite stylists, Tasha Tripp, to get your hair on the same level as your outfit.

Supplies you'll need to create Glitter Roots:

  • Clear hair gel (Isoplus styling gel featured below. It works great and is super affordable/available on Amazon)
  • A small bowl
  • Brush to apply the glitter (available at Sally's Beauty supply or try searching Amazon for a "brush to dye hair"
  • Glitter (Lunautics featured in this look. For an eco-friendly version of glitter roots, check out their newest bio-degradable glitter!)

Glitter Roots Preperation


Lunatics Gold Glitter


Steps for Creating Glitter Roots

The Glitter Roots hairstyle is both fun and easy! It's the perfect way to get your hair looking as fabulous as you are! Follow these 5 simple steps if you want to rock Glitter Roots at your next event.

  1. Prepare Adhesive
  2. Mix in Glitter
  3. Prepare Your Hair
  4. Apply the Glitter Roots Mixture
  5. Set Your Glitter Roots



1. Prepare Adhesive

Pour a small amount of gel into your small bowl. Start off with about 1-2 tablespoons - with glitter roots, a little goes a long way and you can always prepare more later if needed.

2. Mix in Glitter

Pour in the desired glitter to the bowl of gel and mix them together using a brush.

We recommend starting off with small amounts of glitter and mixing to check the consistency. If you want a more concentrated sparkle, add more glitter to the bowl and mix again.

3. Prepare Your Hair

Part your hair how you would like it styled. We found that parting your hair with braids is the best for the Glitter Roots Look because your part won’t get ruined as you dance and jump through the night!

Purple Hair Parted to prepare for glitter roots

4. Apply the Glitter Roots Mixture

Using your brush, apply the glitter mix to your root area. Start on the scalp and apply outward from the part about 1-2 inches. Continue this process until your entire part is covered.

Applying Glitter Roots to Purple Hair

5. Set Your Glitter Roots

Now that you have applied the glitter mixture to your hair, you need to let it set! The most effective method for this is using a blow-dryer on the medium setting about 6-8 inches away from your scalp to dry the gel. To ensure your Glitter Roots hold all night long, you can also finish it with hairspray!

Glitter Roots on Purple Hair Glam Shot



There are many different ways to style your Glitter Roots! Check out these amazing looks for inspiration on how you can make your Glitter Roots unique!

Pink and Blue Glitter Roots and Jewels with Space BunsMake an out of this world look by creating glitter roots in your Space Buns.


Girl Wearing Black Mesh Top with Space Buns and Glitter RootsMake your glitter roots match your look perfectly by changing the glitter color (check out hundreds of glitter options in our beauty/glitter section) and/or the accompanying hairstyle.


Green braided hair for Glitter Roots


green glitter roots on my names not melissa


Glitter Roots


Glitter roots can turn everyday hair into playful and sexy hair. Consider adding some glitter hair into your look at your next fest!


All hairstyles/photos are done by Tasha Tripp. For bookings, contact her on Instagram: @tashatripphair

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