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Come one, come all you Neanderthals! Still need help figuring out which sets to check out at Lost Lands? Well look no further here are a few artists I can’t wait to check out! Luckily there are two massive stages at Lost Lands, Prehistoric Paradox and Cave of Souls; totaling to a rib-cage rattling 750,000 watts of bass, you need to experience. (Don’t forget they are passing out earplugs at the gate) Here are all the artists with their set times and which stage they’ll be at for all your prehistoric planning.

festival schedule for Lost Lands music festival

(From left to right, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday sets)

Who would want to miss this event!? If you can’t make it, don’t worry Lost Lands will be wildly covered on social media between all the Snapchats, Instagram posts, and Tweets. Excision has even set up for Lost Lands to be streamed LIVE for all those who can’t make it. Follow the other cavemen to the Lost Lands Festival Facebook Page

Friday at 3:00 pm, follow your fellow cavemen to the Prehistoric Paradox stage to see AFK! AFK has been making bangers for a little while now but he hit it off getting the attention of Datsik who welcomed him to FirePower Records. “Killionaire” EP dropped in 2013 is what has set him apart. I, like most, didn’t realize how many songs he personally contributed to until now, many I am sure you’ve heard of. One of his most popular songs was made alongside fellow lineup artist, Wooli “WDGAF ft. Jay Fresh” AFK was also a part of Excision’s Virus Remixes dropping his personal twist to “Neck Brace ft. Messinian” I haven’t seen him yet and I won’t be missing this set to start the festival off right!


Saturday at 3:30 pm, take your soul for a walk to the Cave of Souls stage to catch Sullivan King. Sullivan King has suddenly established himself mixing metal and dubstep and it’s the greatest thing. He mashed my two favorite genres in one, obviously, I cannot wait to see him live. He has done a few big features on songs with Excision and Riot Ten. He also has currently blessed us with his new “House of Wolves” EP that dropped on Sept 19th. Sullivan King also dropped a Lost Lands mix with another fellow Lost Lands Artist, KJ Sawka. They made a mix for our roundtripping travels which is not only hilarious but filthy.S


Sunday at 11:30 pm, don’t forget to grab your dino’s for UM..’s set at the Prehistoric Paradox stage. UM.. has I think one of the best names on the lineup to start off. They are building their success and one topping move was playing at Shambhala Festival this year in British Columbia, Canada. They announced in August they’ll be touring “The Fifth Pupil” with Bleep Bloop and other great names. Their short flip of Awe’s “Griffin” is what set them in motion and their own “Don’t Copy Us” kept everyone’s attention. You won’t want to miss this set.


Spotlight Set

Sunday at 6:15pm, take a few minutes to enjoy Space Jesus at the Prehistoric Paradox stage. In August I saw him opening up for Zomboy on the Riot n’ Roll tour along with BTSM and Riot. I personally wanted to shout him out because he is absolutely hilarious along with having great music. I normally don’t like dj’s on the mic at all but he is one I actually like hearing. He doesn’t get on the mic a lot but when he does it is really funny. Trust me if you can catch his set I suggest you take your earplugs out for this one because “You’ll want to meditate to this s***”.


Can’t wait to see all your headbangers there! Come get lost with me!

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