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So you’re thinking about going to a festival with a camping option, but you aren’t sure if you want to opt for a cozy hotel room instead. Camping definitely provides a very different experience compared to staying in a hotel. The most important things to consider are arguably: social interaction, hygiene, food and sleep.

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Social Interaction

While you will surely find other festival goers staying in your hotel, you can’t beat the social aspect of camping. You’ll have instant new friends in your tent neighbors and the opportunity to interact with other people who love EDM as much as you do. You can explore the campgrounds and meet tons of new people, and end up partying all weekend with new best friends!

However, in a hotel you’ll have the chance to really get closer with your rave fam. In a more intimate setting you can really focus on bonding with each other without the chaos of the campsites.

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You’re probably wondering how you can take care of yourself at a campsite all weekend when you’re covered in glitter and dancing for hours on end. You can usually pay for access to showers on the campgrounds. Personally, I think those showers were each the best $8 I ever spent. You can always make your own “shower” with a jug of water or baby wipes. It’s unlikely that you’ll have access to running water, so remember to save some for brushing your teeth.

The bathroom situation will be similar to what’s inside the venue. Obviously in a hotel, you’d have running water and electricity. Showering, using the bathroom and getting ready before the festival will be a lot easier.

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No matter which housing arrangement you choose, it’s smart to bring at least some of your own food. Some festivals will even let you bring small grills to the campgrounds for cooking, and they usually have vendors selling breakfast.

You should stick to foods that don’t require refrigeration like pb&j sandwiches, protein bars, chips, and other snacks. In a hotel, you’ll probably have access to a microwave and nearby restaurants. Either way, I recommend keeping plenty of munchies on hand for after the fest.

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Obviously you’ll sleep more soundly in a real bed in an air conditioned room, but that doesn’t mean you need to compromise too much on sleep at a campsite. It may be a little noisy, and tents can get hot so be prepared. Cots are great investments.They provide more air flow and will prevent you from waking up in a puddle if you have a leaky tent on a rainy night. You can also try a yoga mat. It’ll provide more padding to sleep on and double as a place to sit or stretch outside in the morning!

To Summarize

Both camping and staying in a hotel are good options, it really depends on what kind of experience you are looking for and what kind of festival it is. A hotel provides a place to rest and recharge, while camping keeps the party going. If you are camping, be prepared for all kinds of weather. It can get cold and rainy at night, or feel like you are being baked alive in your tent. If you choose a hotel, the best feeling in the world is taking a hot shower and collapsing into a comfortable bed after a long day of dancing. No matter which you choose, you’re going to have a blast!

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