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August 27, 2021 | 0 COMMENTS

Eric Prydz finally returned to the City of Angels last weekend (August 21-22) for two nights of hard-hitting progressive house and mind-blowing visuals. Factory 93 hosted the event with support from Charles D and Mathame. The first night sold out, selling 5000 tickets within 2 minutes of being on sale, according to  Prydz’s Tweet. 

When I arrived at the first checkpoint, I saw the staff checking for proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test. With the recent announcement from Pasquale on Instagram about updating the entry requirements for EDC, I can only assume this will be the new normal.

There were three food trucks in the back with the free water station. Up a small flight of stairs was the massive dance floor. A vast stage with a giant video wall framed by metallic rods with several stage lamps mounted on the top stood at the very top. Four sets of speakers with the same metal casing and LED light strips marked the corners of the dance floor and each of the speakers had a small stage for performers and an accessible dancing area.

So the music was amazeballs! Saturday night was an onslaught of synth and bass, started by Cirez D “Privilege Intro ID.” Prydz was relentless, suffocating you with one Cirez D banger after another, ending the night with the fan-favorite “Opus” by Pryda.

Sunday started with Pryda’s “WOWOW,” setting a melodic tone for the rest of the evening. Both nights were incredible, but the second night was my favorite as I heard hits like “Rebel XX,” “Juletider,” and “The Truth.” Prydz ended his two-day dance battle with a euphoric singalong to the tune of “Every Day.” 

Before I move on from music, I want to mention how beautiful his transitions are, straight class. Hearing a track reduced to a jumble of percussion and hi-hat as the melody of the next song gingerly fades in, chef’s kiss. It’s a work of art.

The people were chill, aside from those running trains through the crowd. Although most people were wearing black on black, I saw a few anime tees, spotted a few strings of Kandi, and even a SpiritHood or two.

I met a Bay Area DJ who traveled from SF for the show Sunday night. “After seeing Eric Prydz play twice in SF and then once more for his final night of the tour in LA, I can decisively say that the final night was the best!” Michael Bricker said. “Factory 93's outdoor location provided that much-missed festival feeling on top of the giant LED wall and lasers. The production really brought Eric's performance to the next level!”

Hell yeah, brother! I saw a neon cyberpunk city or a warning throughout the night like some sci-fi Evangelion computer screen flashing in red, barcodes, moons, stars, and other worlds. And, of course, lazzzers! It wouldn’t be an Eric Prydz show without the lasers!

Factory 93's mission is to take today’s scene back to its underground roots. And I would say: mission accomplished! I don’t know if it was the graffiti on the surrounding buildings, or hearing a train’s horn as it passes by just outside the chain-linked fence, or finding myself dancing in a crowd of strangers under a full moon, but the aesthetics were on point.

All in all, it was good vibes. 10 out of 10, highly recommend. If you missed Eric Prydz this time, then make sure to catch him at Escape and EDC in October. 

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