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EDC Las Vegas is just around the corner, and with the rescheduled date this year the event is coming in mid-October for the first time. Being under the Electric Sky is unlike anything else, and if you're new to the scene you can rest easy knowing that the event will be a welcoming, inclusive space that will make you feel at home no matter who you are. From veteran ravers, here are ten things to know before your first EDC Las Vegas.

1. Wear Comfortable Shoes

EDC is a marathon, not a sprint. Wearing comfortable shoes will assure that you can see more of the event and spend your night dancing under the Electric Sky, not having to worry about blisters or sore feet. If you plan on wearing new shoes, try to break those shoes in a couple of weeks before the event. Opt for shoes like platforms or sneakers that are cute but useful for walking and standing for hours on end. Don't be afraid to take a break and sit for awhile, but realize that when you're at the Speedway, you're too far from any store to be able to get a new pair of shoes if your feet hurt. Check out the raver shoes at iHeartRaves, which are designed to keep you comfortable while looking cute.

2. Don't Lose Your Wristband

Treat your wristband like cash. Don't put it on too soon and make sure that you have it with you when you head to Las Vegas for EDC week. Getting your ticket in the mail is exciting, but if you put your wristband on too soon you run the risk of damaging it before the festival even begins.

3. Budget for a Taxi Back to Vegas

Staying on or near the strip? Veteran EDC-goers know the nightmare of having to wait for a shuttle at the end of the night (morning?) to get back to their hotel. Budget for a taxi or Uber/Lyft back to your hotel instead of taking the shuttle. The prices vary, but if you carpool with some friends it will bring the price down. You can also stay off the strip, like in an area like Downtown Las Vegas, where the shuttle lines are much shorter.

4. Dress Comfortably

Once again, EDC is a long haul festival. You're going to be outside, far away from your hotel, for hours on end. When you're coming up with your EDC outfits, think about how you can stay comfortable while looking cute. There's nothing worse than feeling discomfort for the entire night at a festival, so plan ahead by shopping for clothes that are cute and comfortable, and check on the temperature before you finalize your looks to make sure you won't be too cold or too hot. For some EDC 2021 outfit inspiration, check out our blog post here.

5. Plan Meetups Ahead of Time

Service at the Speedway is pretty bad to begin with, but when you add thousands of people all trying to stay in contact with their friends or post to Instagram, it can be even more unreliable. Plan ahead by making sure you don't need your phone while you're at the venue. Send any important messages and make any important calls before you head to the event, and plan any meetups ahead of time by selecting a time an a place within the festival grounds.

6. Stay Healthy and Hydrated

Dancing all night in the desert is going to take a lot out of you. Make sure to stay hydrated while you're at the festival and while you recover in your hotel the next day by eating a healthy meal and drinking lots of water. Taking care of yourself is important, and it's going to mean the difference between having a good time throughout the whole festival and feeling burnt out and exhausted by the end—or worse, getting sick!

7. Only Bring The Cards You Really Need

If you have multiple bank cards or credit cards, only bring the ones you really need with you to the festival. If you lose your bag or wallet and have everything in it, that can be a disaster when you have to go the rest of the weekend relying on sending Venmo payments to friends every time you want to buy something. Instead of taking your whole wallet, take only one form of payment and your ID while leaving the rest in the safe in your hotel room.

8. Pack a Festival Bag

There are lots of guides for what to pack when you head to Vegas for EDC, but when you're heading to the festival itself be sure to pack a festival back inside your hydration pack to stay prepared throughout the whole festival. We recommend packing a face mask, ear plugs, unopened chapstick and gum and even some extra toilet paper just in case. It also might help to bring sunglasses for the ride back to your hotel once the sun comes up in the morning.

9. Make the Schedule Your Lock Screen

Have easy access to the festival schedule all weekend long by making it your lock screen on your phone. We recommend prioritizing sets you absolutely don't want to miss, but don't forget to venture into new territory too. EDC has so much to offer that you don't want to miss, so make sure to check out sets from artists you wouldn't otherwise listen to.

10. Visit the Lux Rave Store in Vegas

Forget something? Or maybe you just want to check out some of the many cute things that iHeartRaves has in store for EDC 2021? Be sure to check out the Lux Rave store, a pop up event featuring iHeartRaves and our sister company, EMazing Lights to grab anything from a whole new fit to some light up gloves for light shows while you're at the festival. The annual pop up event has everything you need to perfect your EDC looks, so stop by before you head to the event or on one of the days leading up to the festival if you plan on arriving early to Vegas. Keep an eye out for information on the 2021 Lux Rave pop up shop in the iHeartRaves Facebook

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