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There’s been a recent trend lately in festival fashion; accessories are getting bigger and better, and people are wearing much more accessories that are much more creative and stylish. One trend that has been taking over many ravers’ fits is the captain hat. There are many of these hats available on iHeartRaves that are super cute on their own, but what better way to take a hat and put your own, creative design on it? There are so many colors and designs, so you can take any hat and make it your own to match any and all of your outfits! I went with the Holographic Chain Captain hat since I wanted to go for a lighter look and color. Decorating a hat is easy; all you need are cool decorations and a hot glue gun!

Holographic Captain's Hat

I headed to my nearest craft store and browsed the entire store for any cool materials such as beads, fabric, jewels, and many more. Basically, anything that was shiny or sparkly caught my attention and I went ahead and got it! 

How to Make a Sequin Captains Hat

Some items I purchased:
  • Iridescent jewels
  • Round crystal beads
  • Sparkly flower beads
  • Angel wing emblem
  • Sparkly mesh roll
  • Glitter ribbon

One of the hardest parts about decorating this hat was knowing where to start and what to add. With so many decorations to choose from, the options are endless. One of the items I got was this holographic wing. I thought it would look cool as the centerpiece, so I laid it around in a few places to see how it would look. 

Holographic Captain's Hat With Wings

Holographic Captain's Hat With Wings

I ended up going with the first placement, but before I glued it down, I saw that I had this really glittery ribbon that would fit perfectly in the middle. 

How to Bedazzle a Captain's Hat for a Festival or Rave

I decided to glue this down and then the wing right on top in the middle. 

Bedazzle a Captains Hat

I also found this huge teardrop-shaped crystal at the craft store and glued it right in the center of the hat on top of the wings. This hat already had a pretty chain that wrapped around the front of the hat, so it could be left alone. Some other ideas to play around with the chain is to check out the jewelry section of a craft store to see if anything can be hung from the chain! I decided to glue huge holographic beads to the chain since the color looked great. 

Holographic Captains Hat with Tear Drop Crystal

I looked at all the other items I had and decided that I wanted part of the hat to be jeweled: who doesn't love sparkly jewels? I started glueing them around the rim and then proceeded to glue them of the lid of the hat.


Holographic Captains Hat with Holographic Decorations

I think the final product ended up looking great. The jewels blended in with the hat but also was eye catching at the same time.

I also had some flower beads that I glued around the top and the voila, the hat was completed!

Raver at Electric Zoo Wearing Holographic Sequin Captains Hat


There are so many more items that could be added to the hat but I liked what mine ended up looking like. My favorite part is browsing various craft stores and seeing all the different items that could be used in the hat. You can get really creative with all the combinations of decorations and beads! I rocked the completed hat at Electric Zoo and got so many compliments from lots of people about it. I saw some amazing hats at Moonrise festival too!

It’s really fun seeing how creative ravers can get with accessories. Taking an item and completely changing it up really allows you to express your sense of style and creativity. Who knows, maybe you can become a trendsetter for a new rave accessory!

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