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Contact Festival has been a staple winter festival in the Pacific Northwest, and their lineup keeps getting better every year. There are so many things to celebrate in December from Christmas to the upcoming new year, so Contact is definitely a good way to celebrate the holiday season with your rave fam, since it is happening in December (tickets also make the perfect stocking stuffer for bae!) 

Plus, the festival is in Canada so if you’re from the U.S., it’s an amazing opportunity to visit another country and travel to a new place. If you’re wanting to listen to some amazing music and find an extra way to celebrate before New Years, Contact is the place to be this year. Since the festival is almost a month away, here are some things you should know about Contact if you are thinking about attending this year.


Contact Festival has been releasing amazing lineups the last few years, and this year was no exception. This year’s lineup is an amazing mix of bass and house artists, so there’s something for everyone that wants to attend. Single day lineups have been announced, and on Day 1, headliners Major Lazor, Kaskade, San Holo will be playing, and other artists such as G Jones, Said the Sky, Kompany will be performing as well. The headliners for Day 2 are Tiesto, Fisher, and Rezz, and other arists such as Dabin, Bonnie x Clyde, and Feed Me will be making an appearance. The festival has two stages with the Main Stage and the Fvded Stage, so there are many opportunities to check out both stages during the festival! I’m mostly excited for Major Lazor, Kaskade, Tiesto, Feed Me, Said the Sky, and Dabin. I have never gotten the chance to see Major Lazor before so I’m extremely excited to see them on a lineup, and Kaskade and Tiesto have always been my classic favorites, so I’m happy that I have a chance to see them again!

Contact Lineup 2019


Contact is happening on December 27th-28th, so this is a two-day festival. For attendees that want the full experience, there are two day GA and VIP tickets available, but for those who can only go for one day, GA and VIP single-day tickets are available as well. This is an all-ages festival, so there is no age cutoff for GA tickets, and VIP tickets are 19+ (The drinking age in Canada is also 19). VIP tickets get attendees several perks such a separate VIP entrance and line, VIP areas in the venue with bars and separate bathrooms, and a private coat check area.

Both single and multi-day GA and VIP passes can be bought on their website here, and VIP upgrades can be purchased at the venue on the day of the festival at the VIP guest service desk.


The Venue

Contact is held in BC Place, which is an indoor venue in downtown Vancouver. If you’re traveling from outside Vancouver, there are many hotels and Airbnbs around the area, so it is in a very convenient location.

Contact Music Festival Venue

Photo Credit: Contact 


Here are some tips about getting to the Venue from Contact Veteran's Themselves:

The venue is accessible by skytrain (public transportation), cars, and taxi. BC Place located next to a skytrain stop, so some Contact veterans have recommended parking at a skytrain stop for free and taking public transportation to the venue, since the train runs past midnight. -Farhan K and Courtney K (COED Ravepower Facebook Group).

For people driving to the festival, it seems like there is both street parking and paid parking garages close to the venue as well.


Here are some other things to know about the festival from fellow Contact Veterans:

-Lockers are available to buy online, and is recommended because of the weather. Click here to buy your locker! -Kayla E (COED Ravepower Facebook Group)

-Leaving the festival can be a little hectic so many past attendees have recommended leaving 10-15 minutes before the last set is done. -Martina W (COED Ravepower Facebook Group)

-There are usually some after-parties at local clubs and venues that get announced, make sure to keep an eye out for those! Clubs that usually hosts these are MIA, Celebrities, and Venue. -Nicole M

-The festival is space/alien-themed and since this festival is also right after Christmas, people get really creative with space and Christmas themed outfits!-Hera S  (COED Ravepower Facebook Group)


-Make sure to check the venue rules before the festival. Although they have not been posted on the website yet, keep checking their FAQ section closer to the festival.

If you are looking for something to wear to Contact, iHeartRaves is coming out with their NYE Collection soon, so keep an eye out for that! The iHeartRaves team did a little teaser at Escape this year, and I absolutely loved every outfit they were wearing. Hope to see you all at Contact, and please leave a comment if you have any questions, advice, or tips and tricks to add to this!

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