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March 06, 2019 | 0 COMMENTS

The countdown to Beyond Wonderland 2019 has begun! Prepare to take a trip down the rabbit hole into a world of psychedelic insanity and trippy beats. This year’s lineup has our heads SPINNING - stacked with so much dimension and diversity, it is a force to be reckoned with. Here is everything you need to know about the who, what, when, where, and why on five sets you CANNOT miss:

Who: Aly & Fila

What: Trance

When: Friday

Where: Caterpillar’s Garden

Why: This dynamic duo is notorious for giving their trance tracks an Egyptian flare. Having known each other since kindergarten, they also host an Internet radio show, Future Sound of Egypt. Aly & Fila produce uplifting beats that sound great through headphones and even greater live! If you’re looking to discover new music and move to the groove all night, then this is a set you definitely cannot miss.


Who: Rezz (Space Mom)

What: : Techno

When: Friday

Where: Queen’s Domain

Why: From the most minimal techno to intricate experimental beats, Rezz has mastered it all. Rezz is a badass both on and off stage, and her heavy sets are definitely a reflection. The last time I saw Rezz, she actually reached her hand to the crowd and grabbed my soul… or at least it felt like it. Seriously though, if you’re into jaw-dropping sets that leave you in a warped yet content awe, then be sure to score a good spot for Rezz’s set.


Who: Ganja White Night

What: Dubstep

When: Friday

Where: Mad Hatter’s Castle

Why: Ganja White Night brings such originality to their “Bass Wobbling” sounds. Influenced by dubstep, they have successfully avoided the cliches of the genre and focus on integrating bass with melodic lines. Both members of the duo are self-taught DJ’s and have rightfully earned respect in the industry.


Who: Ekali

What: Future Bass

When: Saturday

Where: Mad Hatter’s Castle

Why: This Canadian instrumentalist and producer is by far my top set for the weekend! Ekali never fails to deliver a dynamic and original performance at every festival. He shows his fans a lot of love on Twitter and genuinely cares about their input. Whether you are headbanging on the rail, vibing in the crowd, or dancing in the back, Ekali’s set will be engaging from start to finish.


The white rabbit just told us that you are NOT too late for this very important date! If you don’t have them yet, tickets to Beyond Wonderland 2019 are still available. Grab your single or two-day tickets here, as well as parking, VIP, and shuttle options.

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