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First time ravers have so much to look forward to! Being at a rave is such a unique experience, and everybody always remembers their first one. But sometimes going to your first rave is so different than anything else you have ever been to and you get so overwhelmed with excitement that you aren’t always fully prepared. Don’t worry, we love to make sure all the rave babies have the best time possible. Here are eight simple tips to keep in mind if you or anyone you know will be heading out to their first rave!

1. Explore the sights and sounds: Walk around and see everything! If you are going with a friend or a group who are rave veterans, they might already know which stages they want to go to and which DJs they want to see, but you need to remember that this is YOUR first time. So don’t only stay at one stage or one area! There is so much to see and so many different types of dance music. If you notice that your friends are only staying in one area, let them know that you want to explore the whole place so you can get a feel of what you really like and discover DJs you’ve never heard of!

2. Wear comfy shoes: There will be lots of walking and dancing, so make sure your shoes can handle it! If you decide to buy new shoes for the rave, be sure to break them in first! Wear them for an entire day before the festival so you can get a feel for how they fit. If you notice any part that feels uncomfortable please don’t wear them to the rave, because the pain in your shoes will take away from the awesome experience. If you have room in your shoes you can double layer your socks for more cushion. When I go to raves I’m always really comfortable in converse or boots, so make sure to wear what’s best for you! Also don’t worry about having the newest or cleanest shoes, because by the end of the night I guarantee your shoes will be dirty anyway. There will be dirt and dust, and there will be people who accidentally step on your feet, don’t worry about your shoes, because with all the excitement happening, that’s the last thing that will be on your mind!

3. Don’t go too hard: There’s lots to see and lots to experience, so please pace yourself! Don’t be the person who pounds a bunch of drinks and is way too sloppy within 20 minutes of getting there! Yes it’s acceptable to have fun, but you also want to remember everything the next day! If you drink, take it easy and let the night flow. Plus it’s not so fun when you start feeling sick and end up having to rest the entire night anyway, that is a definite mood killer! And if you don’t want to drink there’s no problem with that. There is so much going on, the whole rave itself is fun enough that you won’t need the extra help to have a great time. You’re allowed to have fun, but whatever you do, just don’t OVER do it.

4. Don’t carry too much stuff: Only take a few basic necessities! The more stuff you have to carry, the more stuff you have to keep track of, and the more paranoid you will be checking your pockets all night long. It’s also easier when security is checking you because if you have too many items, they are going to take longer to check everything, so the less stuff, the faster check in. Try to narrow it down to just the essentials – money, phone, and a few small items like lip balm (by the way if you bring lip balm make sure it’s not opened yet as certain events won’t let you in with an already opened one). Wherever you chose to hold these items make sure it’s secure and will hold while you are walking, jumping and dancing. And if you forget something, there’s always booths that will carry other essentials you may need. 

5. Go out of your way to meet people: Whether you are a shy person or not, approaching someone new in the outside world might be nerve racking, but this is a rave, so don’t hesitate to talk to and meet new people! I love making new friends at raves because there are people from all over the world. There are so many beautiful personalities all with different stories and different things to share with you. You might even make life long friendships and meet these same people again at future events. A lot of times, people will come up to talk to you, but you should still make an effort to go out there and meet new people too. It always feels good to make new friends!

6. Be prepared for the weather: The days can get very hot and the nights can get very cold. Sometimes being in the crowd makes you get all hot and sweaty, and as soon as you take the walk to the parking lot you’re freezing! My rave outfits don’t usually have complete coverage so I’m comfortable in the crowd, but I know that it’s going to be cold after I get out of there so I always make sure to have a sweater or blanket in the car, that way as soon as I get in I can get warmed up. Sometimes I even bring a light sweater with me into the event. If you are at an event during the say and the sun is blazing, be sure to rest in the shade any chance you get and stay hydrated! There might be lots of hilly terrain or long distances between stages so be prepared to walk a lot. Before you go to any rave look up the weather for that area so that you aren’t caught in the heat or the cold, and always ask other experienced friends for advice on what to wear and how to be prepared!

7. Be yourself: The best thing about the rave culture is that you can come completely as you are and you won’t be judged! People feel most like themselves at raves because it’s the one true place you go and not be judged for how you look or act. Some people have to carry themselves a certain way in their everyday life because of their profession and then let their alter ego loose at the rave! Also, don’t worry about trying to “fit in”. Don’t feel like you have to know how to shuffle, or have an arm full of kandi to be with the crowd. You can come as yourself, and I promise you will be embraced exactly the way you are!

8. Live in the moment: Yes take pictures, but focus more on the experience than the pictures! Now don’t get me wrong I love taking pictures to remember the moments, but it’s the mental pictures that stick out the most. I have been to so many raves where I had every intention of taking pictures but by the time it was over I didn’t take any because I was just so caught up in the moment. Get a light show, feel the music, dance all night, have fun with friends, have fun and make REAL memories!

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