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So, you’ve started planning for your first music festival or rave, but you’re beginning to get cold feet because you don’t know what to expect. That’s totally normal, we’ve all been there! To help you gear up for your first festival, I’ve asked rave veterans for their pearls of wisdom. Here are their top tips and advice so you can worry less and just focus on making amazing memories!

“Stay Hydrated”

You won’t realize how thirsty you are when you’re in the crowd having fun! But it gets hot and you’re going to be dancing your feet off for hours so you’re bound to get dehydrated if you don’t drink enough water. Most music festivals offer free water refill stations, so make it a point to stop by one before heading deep into the crowd. Remember to pack a water bottle or a hydration backpack so you can stay hydrated at all times!

“Prep Yourself the Week Before and After”

Getting yourself ready is key to having all the energy you need to dance and being in the right mindset to enjoy yourself. A week before the rave, try to get a good night’s rest every night, hydrate properly every day, eat well and don’t overexert yourself. You can also try to go for long walks in the days leading up to the festival, that way all of the walking once you're at the festival is less tiresome.

Take extra care of yourself when returning to your normal routine. You’ll have survived a weekend of little to no sleep, consider taking a day off work if you can to give your mind and body proper recovery time.

“You Can Go Sober”

And no one will care! People sometimes have this misconception that because you’re going to a rave that you have to do drugs or get drunk. But raves are fun without substances, and you’ll quickly find out that there are plenty of other sober people around so there’s zero judgement! Always make good decisions and only do what’s right for you.

“Wear Comfy Shoes”

You’re going to a music festival, expect a lot of walking, dancing and people stepping on your feet! When it comes to shoes, always prioritize comfort over style! Tight shoes lead to blisters and bruised toe nails (that eventually fall off!). Learn from our mistakes and only wear reliable shoes!

“Don’t Miss Out On Your Favorite Artists”

The set times are always announced ahead of the event, save them to your phone and then set them as your lock screen. This way you can keep track of where your favorite artists are playing and you won’t miss any of the sets you want to dance to!

Pro veteran tip: don’t be afraid to venture out of your comfort zone and listen to some new artists, you never know what experiences you might encounter!

“Wear Earplugs”

Wearing earplugs to music festivals is what all the cool ravers are doing these days! It doesn’t matter whether you like riding the rail or hanging in the back of the crowd, exposure to loud music for long periods of time can put you at risk for hearing loss. Don’t risk permanent damage to your hearing, keep your ears safe and enjoy music comfortably!

“Use The Restroom”

There are two essential restroom breaks that you need to stick to for a smooth rave experience. The first is when you arrive at the event. The last thing you want is to walk into the main stage crowd and then suddenly get the urge! Save yourself the hassle, go as soon as you get there. The second is when you leave the event. Even if you don’t feel like you need to go, go. Once you hit the road, there’s no guarantee you’ll find another restroom.

“Don’t Hold Back on Dressing Up”

One of the best things about music festivals, other than the music of course, is being able to dress up and wear things you don’t normally wear: glitter, face gems, trippy prints, neon, fluffies...and the list goes on! There are no rules or restrictions, you can experiment and go as wild as you want with your outfits.

Pro veteran tip: we have regular new arrivals for you to discover, tons of unique styles so you can look and feel like a rave goddess!

“Don’t Pack Heavy & Check the Restrictions”

Travel light and only bring essentials! Plan your outfits and cross-check your packing list with the music festival’s restricted items so you don’t get anything confiscated at the gates. If you’re going to a one-day event, don’t pack anything bigger than a fanny pack or small backpack. For a multi-day event, avoid any large pieces of luggage, you may have to walk a distance to the campsite so make sure it’s easy to carry!

“Just Let Go & Don’t Overthink”

Last but definitely not least: just have fun, let go and don’t overthink! Music festivals are a safe space for you to forget the world outside and go crazy. Let yourself be swept up in the moment and be open to new experiences, the best memories often come from the most unexpected things.

Now that you’re ready to take on any rave, check out some of our other posts to get inspo for your outfits and your makeup!

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