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Festival season is in full swing now, so it’s an awesome time for new music and new outfits! Here are a few of our favorite releases from May and June, each paired with the perfect piece to wear when you hear it live.

Right Back - ALLEYCVT

If you haven’t heard of ALLEYCVT yet, you will soon. She’ll be performing this song at tons of festivals this year including Lost Lands and Electric Zoo. “Right Back” recalls that childhood innocence so many of us try to reclaim at EDM festivals. Between her killer vocals and the gritty bass-filled drops, this track has it all. Think about your favorite pop-EDM hits from the 2010s, add dirty bass and heavy womps, and you’ll have the vibe of an ALLEYCVT song.

The Fit: Rainbow Reverie Faux Fur Bikini Top

With a song this nostalgic, you need an outfit to match the vibe. This pastel, fur top is reminiscent of some of the best 90’s and 00’s fashion trends. Pair it with the matching skirt to complete the look.

HAPPY SONG - Ray Volpe

The man who brought us “Laserbeam” almost exactly a year ago is back with his next song of the summer. The lyrics in this track don’t lie when they say “this song makes me really happy.” It’s the ideal beat to go feral to at your favorite festival. The plucky bass drops and melodies are super energetic, you can totally feel Ray Volpe’s passion for his art.

The Fit: Silly In Space Speed Clasp Crop Top

The colors and smiley pattern of these bottoms are a fantastic match for “HAPPY SONG.” These bottoms will go great with the Rolita Couture X IHR Good Vibes Rebel Top too!


Shortly after announcing his upcoming hiatus, GRiZ released arguably one of his most iconic tracks to date. “SAXORiDDiM” combines the rich, jazzy saxophone sound with modern riddim. GRiZ is known for his upbeat, funky songs and his signature sax skills. This piece really showcases his sound in the best way possible. It’s got wubs, womps and a great rhythm. Between this release and the rising popularity of HOL!’s “Country Riddim,” we’re predicting an awesome genre-mixing trend this summer.

The Fit: Trippy Toxin Shoulder Cut Out Bodysuit

“SAXORiDDiM” is high-energy and funky, just like this bodysuit. The trippy pattern, cutouts and bright colors are perfect for any GRiZ song, especially this one.

Hero - Grabbitz

Grabbitz released “Hero,” the first single off his upcoming album, on June 30th. Needless to say, if this track is any reflection of the rest of the album, we can expect a masterpiece. The moody lyrics are perfect for singing along, and the drops include mid tempo bass that will get you dancing. This song really tells a story, and we can’t wait to hear more from Grabbitz soon.

The Fit: Lyte Couture Radiating Rainbow Reflective Chain Cage Top

Next time you see Grabbitz live, your fit should be as expressive as this track. Between the cutouts, chains and reflective pattern, this top has so many layers, just like “Hero.” Complete the look with the Lyte Couture Radiating Rainbow Reflective Bottoms.

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