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We’re back again with our favorite new releases from the past two months! This year started off strong for new music and has not slowed down. From Kai Wachi to Zingara to Illenium, we’ve got lots of new music to add to your playlist. Of course, we’ve also paired each release with the perfect thing to wear when you hear it live.

WWYB3 - Zingara

Zingara is back at it again with another hit. “WWYB3” stands for “wait, what’s your big three?” for all my astrology babes out there. This track is comical, filled with ridiculous soundbites like “wait can we pause the song for a second, I lost my vape” and “stop you’re a scorpio moon? I am so sorry.” It gives off major “Selfie” by the Chainsmokers vibes, but with bass. If you’re looking for a lighthearted bass-house beat, this is it. Not to mention it’s taking over TikTok, like Zingara’s “Astra” did last year.

What to wear: HALIENE X IHR Heavenly Rhinestone Bra Top

Obviously you need to be wearing something astral when you hear this song live. The star fringe on this rhinestone-studded top is so cute! You’ll be sure to sparkle as you sing along to “WWYB3.”

Baby Again… - Skrillex, Four Tet, Fred Again…

These three have been taking over the EDM world for months. They are pumping out bangers and just killed it at Coachella. After teasing this song for what felt like forever, they finally released it on March 17. Including samples from Lil Baby and DaBaby’s “Baby,” the house track has a fantastic beat and catchy lyrics.

What to wear: Sunflowerraver X IHR Heaven's Dust Sequin Triangle Wrap Top

Honor this iconic collab by sporting iHeartRaves newest collab with Sunflowerraver! This top will feel secure while you’re dancing along to “Baby Again…” and the sparkly embroidery is perfect for a house show. Complete the look with the matching mini skirt and crop top.

PUMPANY - Kai Wachi, Kompany

This track will get your blood pumping from the start. With an intense spoken word intro and drops that will make you want to go absolutely feral, Kai Wachi and Kompany prove that they are just the duo we needed. “PUMPANY” is a powerful song full of heavy bass, it’s a headbanger’s dream come true.

What to wear: Headbanger Reflective Strappy Bodysuit


This song will make you want to break your neck headbanging. You can rage all night to “PUMPANY” in this strappy “headbanger” bodysuit.

Illenium (album) - Illenium

It’s the moment all the crybangers have been waiting for, Illenium has released his self-titled album. When listening to this album, it’s clear the artist enjoyed exploring his sound and experimenting with different elements of music. We all know and love Illenium for his emotional melodic dubstep pieces, but this release proves he is capable of much more. You’ll hear pop-punk influences in “Eyes Wide Shut” with Avril Lavigne and a metalcore-inspired sound in “Nothing Ever After” with Motionless In White.

What to wear: Flashbang Matrix Silver Reflective Mini Skirt

The reflective design and mesh detail make this skirt a perfect fit for Illenium. They give it that EDM, pop punk, rock and metal feel all at once. Embrace your true self and dance your heart out in style with this look!

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