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Everyone has embarrassing moments, whether they like to admit it or not. As a raver, you probably spend a good amount of time at raves, so chances are, something embarrassing may have happened at an event. Sometimes it’s a story for your friends or a story you'll take to the grave. Earlier last month, I opened up a survey for fellow ravers to share their embarrassing moments, either anonymously or publically. Here are a collection of stories I collected that will reassure you that you are not alone.


We’re all humans and bodily functions are completely normal, and we have to deal with them all the time - even at the rave.

“Seasons 2016 was definitely a show to remember. The lineup was incredible, with Porter Robinson and Odesza headlining. I went with my now boyfriend of two years, but this was only a few months into our relationship. I’ve always been an anxious person, especially when I’m emotional. It was day two, and Odesza was just starting. I had made this grand plan to tell him that I loved him during Porter, but I chickened out on day one so I decided to say it during day two. After a hefty amount of drinks (I had just turned 19, the legal drinking age in Canada), we made our way into the crowd. The lights come up, the beautiful music starts, and I can feel my heart pounding about 3,000 beats per minute. At this point, I probably looked like I was about to have a heart attack, and he kept asking me what I was going to say and what was going on, and before I could even get a single word out my anxiety (and the alcohol) took over and I puked in my hands and ran away. Let’s just say I waited a few more months to tell him how I really felt. Definitely my most embarrassing rave story. We laugh about it now, but oh man.”  - Anonymous 

“I was walking back from the porta potties to our camp with my boyfriend and I was only wearing your average rave bottoms & a t-shirt. The walk back to the camp was all fine and dandy until I got to camp & my whole group was there, then I felt something tickle my leg. Curious, I turned around and saw toilet paper HANGING FROM MY BOTTOMS LITERALLY ALL THE WAY TO MY ANKLES. MIND YOU I AM VERY TALL SO THAT'S A LOT OF TOILET PAPER AND I PROBABLY JUST WALKED BY ABOUT 100+ PEOPLE. I snatched the tp out of my bottoms and balled it up as fast as I could. My heart dropped because I was so embarrassed. Out of all of those people, someone HAD to see, you know? The only person who knows this is my boyfriend and I didn't tell him until half a year late. To this day I still have no idea if any of my friends saw and I still don’t want to know.”  - @friedflower on Twitter


The floor of any concert is a scary place, and a rave is no different. On the floor you’ll find lots of water bottles, broken pieces of kandi and lots of other not-so-plur items.  

“It was Day 1 of Paradiso 2016. I woke up super excited to get ready and go meet up with my friends across the campgrounds in GA. When it’s summer, i'm ALWAYS barefoot. So, I'm lightly running to get to my other group of friends and step on some warm mush. Whatever it was it squished between my toes. I looked down and I had stepped on a dead field rat!!! I had dead rat squished between my toes. I fell over and was almost barfing trying to wipe it in the grass. Of course when I look up this whole campsite full of dudes are standing there laughing at me hysterically. I died inside and am definitely never going to forget this moment.” - @shiix2 (from Instagram) 


Falling in love at the rave is the dream of most ravers - running into your ex isn’t usually a part of that plan.

“There I was obviously feeling some kind of way during Alesso’s set. I had just picked up a tall can of Bud-Light and a basket of the ‘World Famous Chicken Strips’. I tend to do this thing where I wander during massive shows, and now it’s dark out. After searching for awhile, I had finally found a place on the hill at Paradiso to relax and enjoy the set- when all of a sudden I slipped on a rogue tutu and went rolling down the hill. And that’s not even the embarrassing part... here’s the kicker: I landed right in the middle of my ex boyfriend and his new slam piece. #RaveFail” - @Daddy_Topher on Twitter 


Outfit malfunctions and hair-style fails are a common problem between both girls and guys at any event. Clothes that you’ve maybe tried on maybe once bouncing, between stages for hours on end- something is bound to come loose.

“One time I was with my friends (Emma & Skye) watching at Jack Beats at Paradiso 2015 and my entire boob popped out of my leotard, without me knowing, and then my friend Skye had to grab my boob while opening up my leotard to put it back. They have a mind of their own!” - @urlocalgranola on Twitter 

“I was jumping up and down to Martin Garrix and my shorts fell down and didn't even realize it until  someone tapped my back and told me.” - @gage_wesley on twitter 

"In 2013 I only went to EDC one day. I was so excited and because I only went in Sunday I made sure to go all out on my hair, makeup, and outfit. I got inside and went straight to Circuit Grounds to meet my friends. One of them gave me a piece of gum. I remember I was talking so fast about who I wanted to see I didn't notice when the wind blew a piece of hair into my mouth, the gum attached to it and then blew it out in a whirlwind of Vegas heat. Next thing I know I have a wad of gum tangled in my hair and I'm frantically trying to pull it out not knowing that's the worst thing to do when you get gum in your hair. I went with all guys so when I told them about it they had no idea how to help except one of them said: "maybe something slippery." I looked around and saw a hamburger stand and exclaimed "Mayonaise!" I ran up to the lady and asked her for some mayo. It was in a giant squirt container and she just pumped it straight into my hand. I lathered it into my hair and got most the gum out, but then realized my hair was covered in greasy mayo. For the most part I didn't care, I dance the night away, but I'll never forget the night I spent at EDC with mayo in my hair. I also learned later there are a lot of better ways to remove gum from your hair than lathering it with mayo. #themoreyouknow" - Mama Unicorn


Personally, I haven’t had any outfit malfunctions, and I haven’t stepped on any dead rats, but here is my embarrassing rave story. It didn’t happen at a rave, but since it involved an electronic artist - I believe it still counts. Here we go:

At Sasquatch Festival I was super tired and left the venue to go back to camp and I was perfectly okay with missing Flume. I get back to camp and my squad convinced me that I HAD to go back and see Flume, they made me shotgun a beer, and they put gel inserts in my shoes and I ran back to the venue I see Flume. I went all the way down to the pit at mainstage to see Flume and I was super disappointed. He didn’t play any songs I knew and I was really bored. I went back to camp and went to bed. I was talking to my other camp mates about how awful his set was and they completely disagreed, “No way man! Flume killed it at El Chupacabra.” It was in that moment I realized I went to the wrong stage completely. And after checking the set times to see who I really saw - no one was even scheduled for that time slot at the mainstage. I listened to elevator music while Flume was performing at a different stage.

Raves are full of amazing memories and great stories. Just remember, when you find toilet paper hanging from your pants, or fall down in front of your ex, it’s not the end of the world. The show must go on, and no ones judging you at the rave.


Have an embarassing rave story? Tell us about it for a chance to be featured on our next blog post!

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