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You walk into the WAMU theatre on October 26th. You see acrobats twirling in the air and devious clowns on stilts. You’re joined by your squad in perfectly coordinated costumes. Bass from one of the nearby stages is rattling your bones… You’ve arrived at Freaknight.

For the last 21 years, thousands of ravers have been flocking to the Pacific Northwest to unite under the Seattle sky for this annual Halloween rave. For the last few years, Freaknight has bounced locations between the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, Washington and the WaMu Theater in downtown Seattle. This year, this ghoulish event is making its way back to the WaMu Theater for a single night of raving with an ultra-stacked lineup.  

Spinny Ride at Freaknight Music Festival in Seattle Washington

Photo Credit: USC Events & Little Machine Productions

If you’re looking to spend your Halloween evening with world-renowned acts such as Marshmello, Steve Aoki & Yellow Claw, you’ve come to the right place.

Freaknight proudly boasts three awesome stages, so there’s truly something for everyone. While making your way between stages, the fire dancers will keep you lit and the amusement park rides will bring nostalgic trick-o-treating memories back to life (yes, that’s right.. there are actual indoor RIDES at Freaknight. Previous years have included bumper cars, a carousel and a spinny top. USC Events doesn’t mess around when it comes to entertainment) There’s also tons of carnival themed-games at Freaknight. Try your luck at skeeball or test your strength with the hammer at the High Striker.

Rides at Freaknight Festival at the Wamu Theater in Seattle

Photo Credit: USC Events & Parallax

Looking to concoct the perfect potion for the perfect night? Begin your quest at the Midway Mayhem Stage. Here is where you’ll find a cauldron of terrifying techno & haunting house beats provided by, Green Velvet, Kendoll and many more.

Girls Wearing Matching White Outfits at Freaknight Festival in Seattle

Photo Credit: USC Events & Parallax

For your next ingredient, you’ll need to visit the Bass Asylum Stage, where the zombies who have sacrificed their necks rise again to rage. Here you are likely to find bass legends such as: Cookie Monsta b2b Doctor P and Space Jesus.

Borgore at Freaknight Music Festival in Seattle

Photo Credit: USC Events & Parallax

Finally, the magical main ingredient is located under The Twisted Big Top. This tricked-out stage is where you’ll find some of the biggest acts of the night, like Knife Party, and PNW’s very own, Darrius.

Acrobatic Performer at Freaknight Music Festival in Seattle Washington

Photo Credit: USC Events & Parallax

As a Washington Native and Freaknight Veteran, here are some pro tips to maximize your Freaknight Experience:

  • Book your hotel NOW - rooms will only sell out and get more expensive
  • Public Transportation is your friend! There are buses that run throughout Seattle and can provide a great alternative to Uber if you want to save on cost. I suggest planning your route ahead of time (and, ahem, sober) so you don’t run into any issues on the night of the show
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help - if you, a friend or a stranger is too messed up, PLEASE reach out to the friendly guys and gals walking around in bright orange or yellow tees that say, “Conscious Crew,” These people are your friends and won’t get you in trouble for asking for help - I promise!
  • Take care of yourselves! There are free water stations all over the venue and food vendor options. Check out the chicken strips, they’re the best

I’ve had some great memories at Freaknight, one year I broke my leg (before the event) and had to experience everything in a wheelchair. Everyone was so nice and helpful to me as I was trying to adventure through the venue. I met and traded with a lot of ravers and got a new respect for those who are immobilized. In my opinion, Freaknight is truly the best event because everyone goes all out with their Halloween costumes and everyone embodies what it takes to be a part of this community.

Raver Dressed up as a Mushroom in a Wheelchair at Freaknight Festival in Seattle, Washington

Photo Credit: USC Events & Turk Photos

Enter at your own risk, Freaknight is bound to keep you up all night with excitement and leave you with a lifetime full of memories. Tickets and more information available here.

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