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Electric Forest is a magical is a two-weekend music festival held in Rothbury, Michigan, hosted by Madison House Presents and Insomniac. This year's event will take place on June 27-30th, 2019.

Stepping into Sherwood Forest is an experience like no other, I’m sure. To be surrounded by beautiful people, music, and art in such an inclusive environment is just magic. The camping festival offers more than just music and a good time, they have curated events and unique programs for every type of festival attendee. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder all the veterans will tell you there’s nothing like the Electric Forest experience. 

We are beyond excited for this event and have quizzed a veteran Electric Forest Fam to find out the insider tips and tricks on getting the most out of our forest experience to ensure all us beginners have a blast! Check out their EForest survival secrets below!

Sami (S) attended Electric Forest for several years in a row.  Below are some questions that were asked to find out the insider scoop:

Q: What are your EForest essentials to pack?

S: Baby wipes are very important! They keep you very clean; you will want to bring some kind of mask because of all the dust! Bring stuff to give out trade and put on the giving tree! It’s all about sharing and helping! Bring your own toilet paper – there will never be toilet paper in the outhouses, a shower bag or portable shower so you don’t have to wait in that shower line. Don’t forget extra batteries! Bring some extra spending money – they have some really cool booths to buy art and other super neat things! Also, you will want to buy some kind of food there because it’s all good.

Q: What’s your best advice for inexperienced campers on how to set up a great camp and make the most of the camping experience?

S: Get to the festival as soon as you can; the first people who arrive are closer to the entrance of the actual gates to enter the festival grounds.  Your camp set up will be the most stressful part of the whole forest.  You want to set up as fast as you can! Do a practice round or two at your house! It helps if you know what you are doing and have a plan. While packing up your car, pack that stuff last so it’s the first thing you can get out.  You will need a canopy with some kind of tapestry to create your own little “home” for the weekend!  I find it helpful to put up the canopy first!  You will want a tarp or two just in case it rains.  Make friends with your camping neighbors, I still regularly talk to some of them and if you don’t have something they most likely do!  For example, they needed a pan, which we let them borrow and in return they gave us cooked bacon!  You WILL NEED MULTIPLE PORTABLE FANS!!  It gets really hot in your tent while you’re waiting for the gates to open.  Finally, make your campsite who you are. Decorate it and have fun with it! 


Q: Any insider tips or tricks to surviving the weather?

S: At night while you are sleeping in your tent it can get quite cold.  I suggest bringing 2 blankets to cover up with, then you can slowly take them off while it warms up in the morning in your tent by 10 or 11.  In the morning your tent is a sauna; you will want a portable fan in your tent to turn on if you want to keep sleeping and open your windows of your tent in the morning to get air flow!  It can get really hot during the day so bring comfy clothes that keep you cool!  The trees inside the forest give shade so bring a hammock and go take a nap in the forest!  When it comes to night time, it will get slightly chilly but you will be walking around so a light sweatshirt always helps!  I suggest bringing 2 sweatshirts a thick one and a thin one because the weather is unpredictable.  Check the weather app before you leave home! Be prepared for any weather and bring extra shoes and socks just incase they get wet!  Don’t forget those hair ties for when its super hot in the middle of the day!  The stages have no shade what so ever so sunscreen is important! Don’t over pack your clothes and keep your extra clothes in your car along with valuables just incase.


Q: What is your favorite must-see forest attraction (non-music related).

S: While in the Electric Forest you have to try the Gong Therapy!  Or even if you’re not a yoga person, try out the morning yoga at least once!  It’s really relaxing and you really feel the connection you have with others! The live art during the whole festival is also really amazing to watch someone go from nothing to this beautiful work of art in a couple days!


Q: How do you think having 2 weekends instead of 1 will affect the festival? 

S: Personally, I feel like having two weekends is a smart idea for the people because more amazing souls get to experience the forest since it always sells out so quickly.  But that was kind of fun that only so many people could go at first.  I’m also scared for the health of the forest itself and I hope it stays growing strong! 


Q: Who are you most excited to see this year?

S: For a headliner, I’m mostly excited to see Odesza.  I’ve never seen them live and Electric Forest creates a magical vibe and so does their music and together they will be the most beautiful experience of my life!  For smaller artists I’m extremely excited to see SNBRN; his music is so much fun to flow to! I’ve seen him once before and him in an outside setting is so beautiful!  Also you should check out Dioxins violin, his music is really magical and he will take you on a journey!


Q: Number one thing you wish someone told you before going to your first Forest?

S: I wish someone told me to just wander, don’t make a schedule, let yourself discover the forest. If you feel like you want to go that way, then do it or this way or hey what’s that thing, go check it out!  The forest is full of little secrets that are waiting for you. Relax and enjoy yourself.


Q: I’ve been told you feel or become part of the forest as you experience the festival. Did you feel a part of the forest? Describe that feeling.

S: I feel a part of the forest, while you’re walking through it, you’re surrounded by all these beautiful people that are all there to spread love, you feel like you’re home. Everyone is accepted and everyone is welcome, and most of my life I felt like wasn’t welcome anywhere.  Not many people liked me, but at EF everyone is welcomed, everyone just wants to love!  My favorite thing that I’ve noticed is that it’s more than a festival, it’s like our very own holiday with everyone saying “Happy Forest”.  It’s like it’s the beginning of our new year.  You feel fresh and new and like anything is possible and that feeling stays with you and it changes you as a person.

Electric Forest is only days away! We cannot describe how excited we are to be experiencing the Forest for the first time. Shout out to the lovely EForest veterans who helped show us the way with these tips & tricks. If you’re headed to EForest weekend 2 be sure to keep an eye out for Mama Unicorn, Minnie, and Tiny Dancer!

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