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EDC Las Vegas is one of the most unique festivals in America. It is unlike any other festival because of the insane production, the heavily stacked lineups, multiple stages and art installations and interactive areas, and the fact that it takes place from dusk till dawn. This year’s EDC will take place May 17th-19th at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

The main thing that sets EDC apart from other festivals is the crazy production and extent to which Insomniac, the production company behind EDC, decks out the festival. For the whole weekend, it feels like you’re stepping into a different universe. The art and production at EDC never misses, so here is a guide for some of the art to expect at EDC!

Photo: Julianna Bernstein


One of many ravers’ favorite parts about EDC is the stages and their design. EDC is iconic for having a huge main stage called kineticField that features a giant sculpture-like design, decorated with beautiful rainbow lights and lasers. Besides the main stage, there are plenty of other stages that have their own crazy production and designs, like circuitGrounds, which usually always has lots of LED screens, which are great for those who appreciate visuals in sync with the music.

These are just two of the many stages at EDC; there are so many stages, usually one for pretty much every sub-genre of EDM, like bassPod for those who love headbanging, quantumValley for those that want to vibe with the euphoric music of trance, neonGarden for the techno and house heads, and many more. 2024 will also bring a new stage called bionicJungle with a curated lineup of house artists. 

On top of the larger stages, there are lots of art cars roaming around that are decorated with their own theme and style as well, and are always fun to dance around while passing by to other stages or to other parts of the festival.

Photo: Insomniac Events

Art Installations

Along with the amazing stage design and music played at these stages, there are tons of other parts of EDC to enjoy. This festival has tons of art installations throughout the festival that are great places for photo ops, meet-up spots, and overall great pieces of art to appreciate. The best part about EDC is that since it takes place throughout the night, the lights and art are a bright contrast against the dark sky. These massive 3D superstructures look even better at night and many of them are interactive. Make sure to take some time to explore the many art scattered throughout the festival.

Photo: Keiki Lani-Knudson

EDC Dancers and Performers

Something that took many ravers by surprise at EDC were the dancers and performers that walked through the festival. Some of them are circus performers walking around on stilts, some are playing with fire on some art structures and flying through the sky on trampolines. The performers just add another layer of creativity to the festival and the whimsical characters and dancers will make you feel like you are part of another world.

Photo: Insomniac Events

Downtown EDC

One of the newer additions to EDC is a part called Downtown EDC. This part of the festival features chill spots and funky bars that have various themes to them, such as a Mini Bar where all the furniture and cups were mini, a Tokyo-style karaoke bar, and some that have live performers and dancers at. Walking around Downtown EDC, you truly appreciate how much creativity and art is put into the festival, especially the little things outside of the music and stages.

Photo: Insomniac Events


At EDC, the headliners, aka the DJs and artists performing at EDC, are one of the biggest parts of the art in the musical form. Each day, there are some of the biggest and most talented DJs playing on all of the stages. You can expect a wide variety of musical styles and genres and many of them have crazy visuals displayed on screen, along with laser and light shows that go with the music.

On top of the music, one of the biggest features that sets EDC apart from other festivals is the fireworks show that occurs each night during the music. Across the whole venue, there are hundreds of fireworks that go off throughout the sky and it is one of the prettiest sights during EDC. They recently added light up drones along with the firework show and it is honestly one of many ravers’ favorite parts about EDC.

Photo: Calder Wilson for Insomniac

You get to catch your favorite artist and enjoy the firework and light show all at once! And of course, the most important headliner is you! This is one of EDC’s quotes that what makes this festival different from others is the strong community that takes place at this festival. Each and every raver brings their own creativity and uniqueness to the festival, whether it is your dance style, your totem or flag, how you decorate your campsite, kandi- whatever it is, the passion that each raver brings to EDC is what makes this festival special. You really feel welcomed at EDC and it’s a place for self-expression alongside with other ravers who have the same passion.

Out of all of the festivals that take place here, EDC is a must for all ravers, new and seasoned. Every year is a different theme and every year it’s a different experience. You don’t want to miss out on it this year; you can get tickets here and there are still camping options available, as well as shuttle passes from the strip that will go on sale soon. Don’t miss out on EDC, where you can rave from Dusk till Dawn!

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