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Scorpio Outfit


Scorpios are born passionate and assertive people and this is often reflected in their fashion choices. When choosing a rave festival outfit they know how to balance bold and subtle; creating a strong and cohesive look. In this collection, you will find fiercely sexy styles like thong booty shorts, vinyl cross pasties, garter belts, thigh high combat boots, black mesh tops and strappy booty shorts. They are determined, decisive and especially resourceful. They like to try DIY trends and always pull them off. Don't let their seductive style fool you; they are emotional and sensitive creatures on the inside. Scorpios have lots of friends and are usually the ones who their friends rely on when it comes to festival fashion advice.

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  • This outfit includes

    • Villainous Vixen Strappy Bikini Top
    • So Scandalous Strappy Booty Shorts
    • Fence Net Thigh Highs
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    So Scandalous Strappy Booty Shorts
    So Scandalous Strappy Booty Shorts

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