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FiberFlies PixelWhip






Wrap Yourself Up in the Shimmering Light of the FiberFlies PixelWhip

New to the FiberFlies PixelWhip:

  • 3 Added Light Modes (Total 17)
  • Brighter LED
  • Detachable fiber head for easy transport and future modifications
  • Includes rechargeable 18650 Battery for longer sessions
  • Fiber Optic Whip will never dim - now stays at full brightness until battery drains completely
  • Improved button function and reliability
  • Fiberhead bend guard protects the fibers
  • Detachable Fiberhead for easy storage and future upgrades
  • PixelWhip remembers the mode you left off on

Go ahead, get wrapped up in it. The flow of the PixelWhip will mesmerize you and your audience.

Twirl with the smooth swivel at the base of the whip for a full 360 degree rotation. Total creativity and flexibility. Use every part of your body and explore one of the newest light arts out there!

17 Light Modes:

  • Improved RYGCBM Rainbow Fade
  • RGB Shimmering White
  • Pure White
  • White/Blue Crossfade
  • Blue
  • Blue/Cyan Crossfade
  • Cyan
  • Cyan/Green Crossfade
  • Green
  • Green/Yellow Crossfade
  • Yellow
  • Yellow/Red Crossfade
  • Red
  • Red/Magenta Crossfade
  • Magenta
  • Magenta/Blue Crossfade
  • Solid Colors Hard Cut (displays a solid color for 1 measure at 140BPM, then changes to the next solid color)

PixelWhips come with a drawstring bag and AAA batteries.

Silicone lubricant can be applied to maintain fibers.

WARNING: DO NOT use Li-ion rechargeable AAA batteries (AKA 10440 batteries) in the tri-battery cartridge! They have 3x the voltage, and will destroy the PixelWhip light unit!

WARNING: DO NOT strike fibers against hard surfaces. The PixelWhip is a movement prop, not intended to strike anyone or anything.

Note: Avoid contact with the face and eyes.