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eLite Flow Glow Sticks (Set of 2)

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eLite Flow Glow Sticks (Set of 2)

It's not poi, it's glowstringing. Get it right! Glowstringing is similar to poi spinning, but with higher speeds and more body contact moves. Old school glowstringers will remember their spinning days with crazy bright light shows and endless concept possibilities, but with one fatal flaw: the glow sticks always burn out way too quick. We've solved this problem and more with the eLite Flow Glow Sticks.

These glow sticks utilize eLite Flow Chip technology, which lets you program up to 3 colors at once from a palette of 20 awesome colors. Then, when you turn it on in Demo Mode, these colors will flow automatically between 8 different mind-blowing flashing patterns every 7 seconds.

Built-in Flashing Patterns:

  • HyperStrobe
  • Ribbon Fade
  • Pulse
  • 7-Color Ribbon
  • Dash Morph
  • Strobe Fade
  • Strobe Morph
  • Kandi Mode

Each glow stick is built to spin like a dream. A comfortable, double finger loop handle attaches to a free spinning swivel to allow for a free flowing spin. The nylon cord ties together to have an adjustable length, accommodating all kinds of spinning preferences and styles.

eLite Flow Glow Sticks Specs

  • 30" standard length, adjustable
  • 0.5 diameter glow sticks
  • 56 grams
  • 1x double finger loop handle included