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Cancer 2 Outfit


With Cancers there is always an emotional element to their outfits. What story are they trying to tell? How does it make them feel? Being in touch with their emotions allows them to wear many rave outfits effortlessly. They are a true chameleon when it comes to fashion. In this collection you will find lots of baby blue rave clothes including mesh crop tops, mesh bikini tops, mesh miniskirts, sequin bodysuits, fringe harnesses and more. Deeply intuitive and sentimental, Cancer can be one of the most challenging zodiac signs to get to know. They care deeply about their rave family as well as curating a stunning wardrobe. Highly imaginative, Cancer will always out accessorize you! Rave glitter, holographic shoes and body stickers will usually make it into the mix.

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  • This outfit includes

    • J. Valentine Sparkle Fantasy Cut Out Top
    • J. Valentine Sparkle Fantasy Booty Shorts
    • Feelin' Urself Rhinestone Bobby Pin Set
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    J. Valentine Sparkle Fantasy Booty Shorts
    J. Valentine Sparkle Fantasy Booty Shorts

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