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Rave Personalities: Groovy

Bright and colorful prints like butterflies and daisies are ur MO. Meeting new rave friends is just as important to u as the music, that's why u prefer sets where u have ample room to dance. Cocktail in hand, of course!

As a groovy raver ur fave...

DJs: Sidepiece, Camelphat, Destructo, Walker & Royce, Claude VonStroke
Makeup Look: Graphic liner or a smokey eye
Festival Shoe: Sneakers or ur comfiest colorful platforms—something u can shuffle in!
Accessory: A bucket hat and a small backpack to keep ur hands free
Festival Snack: Fruit with Tajin! Sweet and spicy
Drink: Tequila Sunrise

Ur rave style is all about a cross between comfort and style. U love expressing urself in ur clothes and love being in loud prints that grab attention as u shuffle around the dance floor. Here are some picks for u:

Styles U Love:

Retro Trip Daisy Bodysuit

Shop the Groovy Collection Here.

More Styles For U:

Liquid Emotions Outfit

Psychedelic Wonderland Outfit

Blissed Out Outfit

Groovy Butterfly Glam Outfit

Livin' The Swirly Lyf Outfit

Hella Dazed Outfit

Feelin' Funky Outfit


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