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Community Director for EmazingLights.com

EmazingLights & iHeartRaves seeks a Community Director (Anaheim CA, 92802)

Based in Anaheim, CA, not only are we the #1 leader in gloving and light shows, we are also the world's largest network of multi-channel web and physical retailers catering to the LED gloving, orbiting, poi and hooping scene. Mainstream exposure to EDM has created a turning point in our lifestyle niche and the underground art forms revolving around the culture are in higher demand than ever. With a growing emphasis on local, regional and national competitions, we are seeking an experienced leader than can help us transition the sport of gloving into popular culture.

We consider ourselves a driving force in this market as we actively participate in the growth of the overall innovation within the light arts movement and we are seeking passionate individuals with an interest in EDM music to help take our company to the next level.

Due to our continued growth we are looking for a talented Community Director that can grow with us as we continue to expand EmazingLights.com and the gloving / lightshow market.

Top Reasons to Work with Us:

  • Join the #189 fastest growing private company according to Inc. Magazine 5000
  • Featured on Shark Tank - Friday March 13th, 2015
  • Enjoy the autonomy/flexibility to be creative.
  • Become an integral part of a core internal team with lots of room for advancement.
  • Great culture. An environment where everyone is driven to make the company and themselves succeed.
  • We love our EDM and we love the energy around here!

What You Will Be Doing:

  1. Orchestra Conductor of a “Symphony of Content"
  2. Relationship Manager
  3. Brand Voice
  4. Crisis Radar Technician
  5. Content and Advertising-Targeting Expert
  6. Fan Segmentation Specialist
  7. Performance Analyst

1. Orchestra Conductor of a “Symphony of Content”

The most effective community directors know how to produce live, responsive content. But rather than being the single source for content creation, today’s professionals know how to inspire and mobilize across the enterprise, to work with various content creators. They not only know how to tap into content creators for rich “peak content,” like videos, apps and webisodes, that pull in a wide range of valuable customer interaction. They also know how to navigate internal halls of legal and public affairs, to swiftly produce timely, highly relevant, often witty responses to trending memes.

2. Relationship Manager

The Community Director manages the direct relationships with thousands, sometimes millions of customers. They know when these folks are enjoying the brand. They know when they are having service problems. They must relate to a broad range of fans, and never lose their compassion or their cool. The Community Director knows how to cultivate millions of customers around the launch of a new flavor, but understands how to move an enraged customer to a happily engaged one through direct, speedy customer service.

3. Brand Voice

The Community Director is the living embodiment of the brand voice. They agonize over defining it clearly, so that all who manage the brand publically will stay true to how the brand talks, looks and behaves. They understand how the brand voice informs their content marketing strategy, and how their content lets that persona shine through and through.

4. Crisis Radar Technician

While every brand ostensibly has a crisis plan in place, and regularly trains its people to prevent major crises, it is the Community Director who has an ear to the ground, and can detect whispers before anyone else in the organization. Brand’s Facebook pages and Twitter handles have become a magnet for issues and concerns. Which ones will become actual crises? This person not only detects all possible issues, but also evaluates how they evolve over time. The Community Director must anticipate the worst, but never over-react.

5. Content and Advertising-Targeting Expert

Staying on top of the latest developments from the top platforms and API partners, the Community Director works tirelessly to play a key role in segmentation strategy, and to know which types of content resonate with each set. As the tools inside social networks like Facebook become more sophisticated, the Community Director serves as an expert at complex targeting of content and advertising stories.

6. Fan Segmentation Specialist

Communities form around affinities – passions and interests that bring people together. The Community Director knows which people matter to the business, how to use the right tools to find and attract the right fans. New tools like Facebook’s CAT tool allow for a much deeper and more refined look at our fan-bases. The Community Director must use that data to attract the right fans, deliver the right content to important affinity segments and, in general, grow their use of social data to make a richer community experience for fan and brand.

7. Performance Analyst

The Community Director listens, sets benchmarks on conversation engagement with content, sentiment, and other important metrics, to measure the effectiveness of any marketing campaign. How much conversation did we generate? Are we getting more people talking positively about our products and services? These are some of the fundamental questions the Community Director can answer. They know how to distill true KPIs from the litany of data that we can all measure and report the successful growth of: Forums / Facebook groups / Social media channels / Blogs / Competitions. They are discrete and thoughtful as to what they report about. They have a strong POV, about which measurements matter to the business goals.

What You Need For this Position:

  • Requires a bachelor’s degree in Business, Management, Marketing, Ecommerce or a related field degree
  • 5-7 years of relevant job experience, managing online marketing campaigns driving customers back to web sites. Direct-to-consumer experience ideal.
  • Strong background in millennial marketing and branding
  • Ability to work in a collaborative and cross-functional environment
  • Ability to direct the creation of all video and graphic content
  • Demonstrated ability to research unfamiliar topics and write about them clearly and concisely
  • Experience working in a multi-channel marketing environment
  • Highly entrepreneurial. Self-starter.


  • EDM + Gloving experience
  • Experience working in an ecommerce lifestyle marketing environment
  • Experience building and maintaining an online infrastructure for other lifestyle communities

What’s In It For You:

  • Salary depending on experience
  • Health + dental benefits + 401k matching + large product discounts + and other cool perks
  • Lots of growth potential
  • Other bonuses available

Steps to Apply:


  • Submit your resume + tell us about your passion and experience with the gloving scene or any other lifestyle scene you've managed
  • Linkedin profile link