Nocturnal Wonderland is an annual 2-day festival hosted by Insomniac Events that you should be sure not to miss! It features some of the top artists in trance, drum & bass, breakbeat, and house. Hosted in San Bernardino, CA, Nocturnal is essential for all ravers in SoCal! At the festival, you’ll be immersed in vibrant neon colors and good vibes. There are amazing art installations, performers, and camping amenities and activities that you’ll never forget! One of the coolest parts of the festival are the interactive glow-in-the-dark art pieces that you’ll find throughout the festival.

Taking place in the middle of September, you may need to be prepared for both warm and cool temperatures with your rave outfits. Whether you're looking to be a creature of the night, or radiate rainbow vibes throughout the weekend, there are hundreds of options when it comes to styling for Nocturnal; read the iHeartRaves Studio 240 blog for inspiration to make this a weekend you'll never forget!