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About Us

iHeartRaves' mission is to inspire individual creativity and expression through fashion at Electronic Dance Music events, festivals, and beyond. We provide wildly unique apparel for anyone inspired by the EDM movement.

The iHeartRaves team is comprised of ravers and dance music enthusiasts from all walks of life. Our love for music and festival fashion is what drives us and inspires our continual commitment to design, create, and supply the most innovative products for ravers. We are the leading lifestyle brand for the EDM movement and take pride in our quality of service, products, and connection with our customers.

We bring in a mixture of products from brands we admire and our own creations inspired by you. We believe in and appreciate the culture of the EDM community and strive to provide our customers with the ability to express their own personal style. We are dedicated to the growth of this movement and spreading the culture that has inspired us all.

Christine knows exactly what’s hot and brings in the trendiest merch just for you! Aside from sourcing and buying, she heads the merch team and takes the lead on designing and creating all exclusive apparel.

Can’t go to a festival without: Rave partner in crime- Brian Lim. (Couples that rave together, stay together)

Mama Unicorn manages the brand and leads our day-to-day marketing. She founded the Unicorn Crew and you can always find her spreading good vibes both in the office and at festivals!

Can’t go to a festival without: Minnie, Tiny Dancer, and the iHeartRaves Unicorn Crew

Our Jr. Buyer for the Emazing Group is constantly turning and burning our inventory. Betty stays on top of the latest trends and product development for our unicorns and is Christine’s right hand woman. Find something that you want to see on our web stores? Just give Betty a shout out and she’ll hear ya!

Can’t go to a festival without: Her iHR fanny pack! As long as she has a fanny pack and a hoodie, nothing else matters.

Angela is the editor of our blog Studio 240 and mastermind behind all iHeartRaves photo shoots. She organizes each photo shoot from casting to styling and scouting locations to bring the team’s vision to life. When she’s not helping to maintain the site or blogging, you’ll often find her crafting props for the next shoot.

Can’t go to a festival without:The rave fam!

As our Merchandising Specialist, Noralisa maintains our website daily. She makes sure the site is in top shape for an effortless shopping experience. Not only does she beautify our site, she is a part of our product shoot team and works with Betty and Christine to bring you the best and trendiest merch out there!

Can’t go to a festival without: Her 5” go-go boots and lots of kandi

Kelcey is our Twitter guru, Insta-queen, Snapchat extraordinaire and so much more. This social media maven doesn’t just manage all of our social channels, she keeps our models dressed in the best and helps out with the Unicorn Crew Program and festival promotions.

Can’t go to a festival without: Good company, good vibes, and chapstick

Alie’s an Excel magician and can do impressive things with a spreadsheet you never thought was possible. She’s also our go-to girl for all things Amazon, helps with inventory management, and contributes to all sales planning for iHeartRaves, EmazingLights, Into the AM and our West Covina store.

Can’t go to a festival without: Her rave fam

Katie eats, sleeps, and breathes digital marketing. She’s the PPC and SEO wizard who makes sure iHeartRaves stays on top of the game. Digital marketing is her first true love (pizza is her second). You can catch her at our office (and at parties) raving about digital marketing and SEO!

Can’t go to a festival without: Cat ears & light up clothing

Anthony heads the design team as our Graphic Design Manager and is responsible for designing all the bada$$ iHeartRaves graphics. When he and his team are not busy creating ridiculously awesome graphics, they’re hard at work designing exclusive apparel.

Can't Go to a Festival Without: Light up clothing and his entourage

Hailey is the gal that’s always there for you. She’s our customer service wonder woman who will do everything possible to make sure everyone is happy and satisfied with their shopping experience. Have questions or concerns about our products? Hailey is your girl!

Can't Go to a Festival Without: Her rave fam and an iHeartRaves drawstring bag!

Our in-house photographer Joyce captures all the stunning pics you see on our website and social. When she’s not working behind the camera she’s off creating sick graphics and designing exclusive apparel for you!

Can't Go to a Festival Without: Her camera and favorite ITAM Snapback!

Brandi is a wiz when it comes to our products. She can help you pick out an outfit for your next rave and teach you how to program your gloves in no time. You’ll find this rave babe hard at work assisting customers and helping warehouse with inventory.

Can't Go to a Festival Without: Her phone fully charged

An artist of many things, Jose is one of our rockstar graphic designers. He’s living the LA lifestyle and draws inspiration from dance music and Japanese culture to create amazing graphics to keep our mailers fresh and our site fabulous! He also contributes original artwork for our all over print collections.

Can't Go to a Festival Without: Set times and a hydration pack

Sasha enjoys long walks on the beach (catching Pokemon), video games, and martial arts. She’s a part of our customer service team and has always been a natural people person which makes her the perfect person to help you with anything you need. If you ever have a questions about any of our products, hit Sasha up!

Can't Go to a Festival Without: A seamless mask bandana and combat boots

Scott is the most interesting man in the office. He leads all new business developments, strategic sales planning, and new corporate partnerships. Aside from being a business tycoon, Scott is also the head of Human Resources, festival vending, and always has a little wisdom to share. He’s doesn't always attend festivals, but when he does, he turns up like a boss.

Can't Go to a Festival Without: His wallet and water

We're always looking for fellow ravers and festival fashion gurus to join our dynamic team. Check out our Careers Page for current job openings or email support@iheartraves.com with your skill set and resume to be considered.

iHeartRaves and EmazingLights began with Brian Lim bootstrapping both companies by selling LED gloves out of the trunk of his car in the hopes that he could share and grow the art form of gloving and light shows into a worldwide phenomenon. After meeting his fiancé, Christine Kang, at a rave in Southern California, the two grew their passion for gloving and making costumes for festivals together. They have been spreading that love and appreciation for EDM culture at festivals since 2009. Brian and Christine founded iHeartRaves in October 2011 with the intention of providing affordable, convenient, and premium quality gear for festivals when they saw their own friends and family struggling to find clothing that would help them express their personal style at EDM events. Together they recruited and cultivated the team that is now the iHeartRaves family.

iHeartRaves started with a few unique designs and local vendors and now our network consists of designers, models, distributors, promoters, over 70 vendors and EDM enthusiasts from all over the world. The success behind iHeartRaves' growth is based on the connection the iHeartRaves team has cultivated with our customers and our constant commitment to the vision Brian and Christine created. Their story is a perfect example of couples that rave together, stay together. Brian's dream to grow the lifestyle of gloving and raving became something bigger than we ever thought it could be.

Can't Go to a Festival Without: LED Gloves + Kandi