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iHeartRaves x Live Out Loud

Pride AF is a collection that celebrates diversity within our community. Rave culture was founded on the principles of PLUR (Peace, Love Unity, and Respect) and that all are welcome. The fashion culture that has blossomed over the years has given many the courage to be whomever they want to be despite social norms, stigmas, and outdated traditions. These stories are incredibly touching and inspired this collection.

pride af

In our efforts to show our love for the LGBTQ+ community we are also donating $5,000 to Live Out Loud.

Live Out Loud is an organization that nurtures future LGBTQ+ leaders by providing them with mentors, resources, and opportunities to discover their voice and become agents of change in their community. By connecting LGBTQ+ youth to their shared history and a larger LGBTQ community, the Live Out Loud organization is able to bring awareness that can bridge the gap between human right and LGBTQ civil rights. 

Get involved or learn more about Live Out Loud by visiting their website 



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