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How To Wear Your Fluffies

how to wear fluffies leg warmers

iHeartRaves signature rave fluffies are made of high quality faux fur and come with elastic heart string ties that are adjustable, and an inside satin lining for a comfortable fit. These furry leg warmers can be worn over hosiery, leg wraps, leggings, or just alone.

The adjustable heart strings allow you to tie them as tight as you’d like around your calves. We recommend tying your fluffies right below your knee for a comfortable fit that won’t slip. Some ravers like to wrap the string around their calves twice for a more secure fit. And if you’re not a hearts type of person, you can even cut the hearts off and just use the strings.

Some ravers like to add decorations to their fluffies to make their own custom rave fluffies by including LED pins that light up or sewing on fake flowers, bows, and more.

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