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How to Glove Guide

Welcome to the guide section:

Here you will find essential information you need to start gloving and giving emazing light shows! Please start off with the How-To video and read further for more information! We have an FAQ section as well with answers to our most general questions. We also have a great Facebook community where you can ask questions or see what other fans are talking about!

micro lights comparison

We carry several different types of LED Microlights. All of these lights use either CR1616 batteries. (Incase you were looking for a CR2032, it's actually replaceable with 2 CR2016s)


Description: http://www.emazinglights.com/media/images/g_3c_Strobe_RYG.jpg

  • The best microlight in the market
  • Made by top glovers in the gloving scene today
  • Smallest and most durable light ever produced
  • Brand new chips will be available to increase modes
  • Check out the full review of the light here
  • Uses 2 CR1616 batteries and has the longest battery life with improved battery saving


Description: http://www.emazinglights.com/media/images/g_3c_Strobe_RYG.jpg

  • Brightest Microlight with ON/OFF switch
  • Easy pop on/off backing
  • Long-cut bulbs
  • One of the most comfortable / durable lights available
  • Please follow the tutorial guide on assembling eDots here
  • Check out the full review of the edots here
  • Uses 2 CR1616 Batteries


Description: http://www.emazinglights.com/media/images/g_3c_Strobe_RYG.jpg

  • Simple ON/OFF digital button
  • No screws, back drawer panel pops off easily to replace 2 CR1616 batteries


Description: http://www.emazinglights.com/media/Product-and-Light-Pattern-e.png

  • Simple ON/OFF digital button
  • No screws, back drawer panel pops off easily to replace 2 CR1616 batteries
  • Numerous modes/chips, so you can keep all of your housings the same
  • Easily and quickly change modes with quick click action
  • Check out a review of the light here


Description: http://www.emazinglights.com/media/images/Inova.png

  • 3 modes (High power, Middle Power/Strobe, Slow flash strobe)
  • On high power setting the Inova will automatically shut off after 4 minutes
  • Excellent for thumbs and palms as glovers can easily turn them on and off mid-show and change modes
  • To activate for the first time, press and hold down button for 15 seconds until the light goes out
  • Modes 2 and 3 will only work with solid bulbs


  • Open Diffuser: this diffuser gives an even distribution of light, giving of a cylindrical trail with a hot spot in the middle. The benefits from this cap is that get the fat lines and you have an open end which is brighter when the light is directly pointed at you.
  • Closed Diffuser: Closed caps give off that mini flashtip look, it has a rounded off tip so it gives off a bubbly look, its a very nice cap cause it looks gives off that unique look. This cap does not have a hotspot since it is closed and the lights are evenly distributed throughout the cap. This diffuser will give you the most diffused color.
  • Premium Diffusers: These mimic the class Rav'n style microlight. With an open and curved type shape these make any lights look great!
  • Colored Diffusers: Colored diffusers change overall the idle color of your LED bulbs. Depending on the diffuser, it can change the overall color of your LED as well
  • IC :: Integrated Circuit. A type of LED bulb that has multiple colors and patterns built into it.
  • RGB :: Stands for Red Green Blue. In addition to RGB, there are other abbreviations that people use, PurGW (Purple, Green White), RWB (Red, White, Blue), OBW (Orange, Blue, White), etc etc. Occasionally you will see abbreviations that go something like LgBG which can mean Light Green Blue Green. There are numerous colors, and new colors are always coming out!
  • Light Modes
  • Strobe :: Strobe refers to the either the type of IC bulb you are using, or the type of mode on the circuit board you are using (MicroMax, Inova, Maxlight, etc). The LED will emit a broken line in various modes and colors. Usually they will emit a 3 color strobe mode, but not limited to single color, 2 color, 6 color, and 7 color strobes. In the more recent time, the broken line effect the LED emits has been changing from all different 3 colors to one color, then a second color twice for the new 1-2-2 strobe LEDs.
  • Here's an example of what they look like:
  • Single Color Strobe:
  • 3 color Strobes: Description: http://www.emazinglights.com/media/images/3cstrobe.png
  • 7 Color Strobes:
  • 7 Color Strobes are mixes of 3 colors (color 1, color 2, color 3, color 1 & 2, color 2 & 3, color 3 & 1, all colors).
  • 2 Color Strobes:
  • 1 – 2 – 2 Strobes:
  • Ribbon: Usually refers to a type of IC bulb. 3 or 7 color ribbons are the number of colors displayed in the LED bulb when powered properly. The light trail is not broken up like in Strobe bulbs, but instead is a continuous line.
    • Here's an example of what they look like:
    • 3 Color Ribbon: Description: http://www.emazinglights.com/media/images/7cribbon.png
    • 7 Color Ribbon:
  • Stribbon: A stribbon is a mixture of the Strobe and Ribbon bulbs. The light train is still broken as a strobe, but one trail will show 2 colors before a break. This represents more of a trail that is in between a stribbon and a strobe.
    • Stribbon:
  • Rainbow/Slow Rainbow: Refers to a type of IC bulb where the color changes between the colors of the rainbow slowly fading from one to the next.
  • Dash: Hyper Dash bulbs/microlights flash at a slower rate then our 2-color and 3-color strobes so that every color can be seen more clearly
  • Fade: Fade bulbs will produce a dot effect between each color as it fades into a different color. Therefore it will have a strobe dots effect between each color.
  • X-Fusion: Fusion bulbs are like the fade bulbs without the strobe dot effects between each color. This will change colors but have no breaks in between each change.
  • Hyper Flash: Hyper Flash bulbs will change between 2 different colors without and strobe or break effect. It’s close to a long 2-Color Ribbon.

What we recommend:

  • Entry Glove Sets: If you are looking to start small, the first worry is if you're going to be behind in technology. The answer is no, not with the eDots! The eDots were created to be the brighest light available in the market to date! Maintaining the chipless, ON/OFF switch style, the eDot is a great successor to the regular dot. With these easy to use lights, you will definitely not be behind a single step with these sets. Full eDots sets can start as low as $19.99!
  • Gluvmax/Micromax Gloveset: Both Maxlight and Micromax lights are similar in design. Both feature an easy pop off backing, as well as a simple chip design utilizing 2 CR1616 Batteries. The biggest difference is size. Micromax are smaller and thinner. Another difference would be the chips themselves. Gluvmax only come in a single mode chip. Micromax come in a variety of different chips. 6-Mode and 27-Mode chips are now available in Micromax housings.
  • eLite Glovesets (Best Lights Available): eLites are the smallest lights available in today's gloving market. eLites were designed with input from hundred of top glovers in the scene today. These are by far the most comfortable and smallest lights out today. These lights will almost never fail you during your show, and they are very durable. These lights are available in clear casings, so it looks like you're using eDots until your modes come into play! The eLite will have many new and exciting chips coming out for it in the future and all you have to do is change out the chip and keep the same durable housing!

All of these glove sets have their pros and cons so read up on them and see which of these set ups fits you the most!