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As you probably already know, our favorite funky DJ is going on an indefinite hiatus very soon. At the end of this year, Griz will be taking a break from touring and taking some time to himself. While we totally support his self-care era, we are going to miss him greatly. Griz has been making the most of his time left with us at shows like Bonnaroo, Moonrise and Electric Zoo.

Griz was scheduled for not one, not two, but FOUR sets at Electric Zoo this year. Because of the cancellation of day one, he was only able to play three, but we are still grateful for those amazing shows. He began with an afterparty set on Friday, continued with a solo set on Saturday, and closed out the weekend with a B2B with Zeds Dead. Even after three sets, Griz left us wanting more.

On Friday, the after parties became the main event. Griz saved our night with a thrilling, upbeat show. No matter how many times you see Griz, it never gets old. His lighthearted graphics, rainbow lasers, and fun dance moves make the show just as exciting to watch as it is to listen to. Unfortunately, the after party sold out quickly and not everyone could attend this special event. Luckily for anyone who missed it, they could catch him at the festival on Saturday.

The Electric Zoo lineup was stacked this year, so obviously there were some conflicts. Two major artists, Griz and Zedd, closed out the show on Saturday night. If you chose to see Zedd, here’s what you missed from Griz’s set. He certainly is putting his best foot forward and going out with a bang. There were trippy, funky visuals that really enhanced the experience. He brought out support in the form of trumpeters, rappers and singers. And to top it off, he played new music! Of course, it wouldn’t be Griz if he didn’t hop on the platform and play that sexy saxophone tune.

Since the release of “Ecstacy of the Soul” we have been begging for a Griz B2B Zeds Dead set, and we finally got our wish on Sunday at Electric Zoo. This set was truly like no other. It was somehow both groovy and heavy in the best way possible. We were headbanging to reverberating bass drops one second and swaying to Griz’s euphoric sax sounds the next. This set was funky, wonky and the perfect mix of the artists’ unique sounds.

The beginning of Griz’s hiatus is fast approaching, but he just announced a few more shows. On October 5, Griz will be playing three different sets in Denver. These shows will take place at 2PM, 6PM and 9:30PM at various venues across the city. After the conclusion of these sets, we aren’t sure when we’ll be able to see Griz again, but we know if he decides to make a big return to the stage it will be unforgettable.

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