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An Aquarius tends to be the shy and quiet type who finds their sense of self on the festival dance floor. With this newfound electric energy, the Aquarius enjoys indulging in the whimsical styles of rave fashion. Sequin tops, holographic bottoms and chain bras can often be found in their closet as well as this collection! Rhinestone skirt sets also make up a good portion of her rave outfits. An Aquarius loves helping others which means they love styling rave babies and sharing their rave clothes with their friends. She is eccentric and loves pushing her fashion boundaries which always results in a nice confidence boost. Chances are she has rocked pasties, boob jewels and a ton of glitter to a couple festivals this past year. Along with the products mentioned, this collection includes reflective tops, pastel rave wear, holographic corsets, and holographic rave shoes. Sparkle like an Aquarius with this Zodiac Collection.