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Fans of bloghouse will be excited to hear that the genre is most definitely coming back, and Popgang Record sweetheart Starya is helping to make that happen. With years of experience as a DJ, opening for artists like Skrillex, ZEDD, and Tokimonsta, Starya's latest release sees her dive further into her own sound with "The Garden" and "Manipulator," two tracks that were released just this summer as part of her new project.

With a fast-paced electro beat and haunting vocals reminiscent of bloghouse icons like The Chemical Brothers, Starya is quickly carving her niche in electronic music. "The Garden" is a record filled with vivid imagery and full sound that builds worlds in your head as you listen. We caught up with Starya to discuss her new releases, favorite festival memories, and what her favorite iHR pieces are today.

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iHeartRaves: Tell us a bit about "The Garden"

Starya: I have always been obsessed with fantasy ideas and imagery—rainbows, secret gardens and treasure. I really wanted to lead the listener into this world of magic—isn't that what music is all about? I was also on a mission to create something very high energy with an emphasis on some fun bass synth sound design inspired by some of my favorite EDM artists.

iHR: What are some of your inspirations when making new music?

S: Probably the thing that inspires me the most when I hit a creative block are live shows, seeing an incredible artist create that energy is so inspiring. Day-to-day inspirations can be anything from the way the sunlight comes through the trees, to a weird sound my dog makes.

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iHR: Can you tell us a bit about your upcoming projects? Are there any releases in the pipeline?

S: My second release is called "Manipulator" and will be out on Popgang Records on Friday, July 1! I am also very excited to play at one of my FAVORITE venues in the world, Elsewhere in New York on Saturday, August 6.

[Editor's Note: You can now stream "Manipulator" here.]

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iHR: When it comes to your rave or festival style, how do you approach creating a look?

S: I love to either go with something that matches perfectly, for instance everything that is yellow in my closet. Or, I like to grab the most random pieces and put them together to the point where I look absolutely ridiculous—and then go with it.


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iHR: What rave fashion trends are you most excited to see this festival season?

S: I am super into all the jumpsuits and fun crazy sunglasses. Jumpsuits are the best, I have about 10 different ones.

iHR: If u made a piece of kandi today, what would it say?

S: "wow"

iHR: Favorite festival memory?

I have had so many fantastic and inspiring festival experiences, but I would have to say probably Coachella 2019 because I got to attend as an artist playing the campground stage. I had been many times before and always wanted to be there in the context of sharing my music. It was such a validating and special experience finally getting to do that and then attending the rest of the festival with my artist pass, which is an insanely incredible experience on its own because you get access to the best viewing area right in the front of every stage.

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