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Memories last a lifetime, while material objects fade away. The EDM community gets a lot of discouragement when it comes to the amount of money we all invest in our experiences. But I say, memories are priceless.

Festivals are chalk-filled with opportunities to create timeless tales. The place most ravers from the Pacific Northwest call “home” is Paradiso and happens annually in June at the beautiful Gorge Amphitheatre in Washington State. Home is where the heart is, am I right?

Conscious Crew at Paradiso

Photo Credit: Turk Photos and USC Events

This will be my 7th Paradiso this year, and as dates & info are getting announced, it makes me reflect on all the good times I’ve had at this festival. With 25,000 people in attendance each year, I know I'm not alone. I reached out across my social media platforms and asked people to share their favorite moments from Paradiso. Here are some of my favorite stories:

Paradiso Mainstage at Night

Photo Credit: Little Machine Productions & USC Events

Paradiso 2018 - I left my phone in the porta potty by the house stage. I walked all the way to the hill and realized I had left it. So we rushed back and it wasn’t there so I went to the sinks frantically looking and this girl had it and was looking for me. This definitely restored my faith in humanity and why I love true ravers!” -  @birthmarkqueenc

Raver on the Hill at Paradiso

Photo Credit: @birthmarkqueenc

“My favorite memory is from my second Diso. I took my boyfriend with me for his first Diso, we had been together for about 6 months at the time. Both of us secretly planned to say “I love you” for the first time. What made it even more perfect was that it was during Louis the child’s set, that’s who we saw on our first date. They’re also my favorite artist. My friends knew both of us had the same idea, but we were both in the dark. Every time I watch the video it makes me cry. Diso is a magical place💕” -  @_bb_lotus

Ravers Kissing on the Hill At Paradiso

Photo Credit: @_bb_lotus

“Walking back to the venue in 2018, after the thunderstorm closed the festival down. Talking to liberty crushes with one of my favorite hoomans “   - @kandi_kid87

Raver throwing his arms up at Paradiso Festival

Photo Credit: Danny Esque & USC Events

“I was walking up the hill with my best friend. We both had just moved to Washington this year from two different states and had never been to the Gorge before. We got to the top and immediately started bawling like babies just holding each other lol. We’ve never seen nature like this coming from two pretty flat states (Louisiana & Texas) and to be surrounded by that much positive energy from everyone around us, just made the moment so much more magical.”   -  @Kristin_Sonnier

Kristin_Sonnier during sunset at Paradiso
Photo Credit: @Kristin_Sonnier
Kristin_Sonnier at Paradiso

Photo Credit: @Kristin_Sonnier

“Paradiso 2018 was my first year. I saw lots of new artists for the first time, but my favorite moment was Saturday night, just after sunset as the sky grew dark, Tchami X Malaa had started. Malaa was intense and fiery, the entire venue was red as we all danced in the night. Out of nowhere, Tchami came in with Adieu pt. I & II, a favorite of one of my closest friends who had brought me to watch this set, and now a favorite of mine I'll never forget”   - @JordanElliot17

JordanElliot17 at Paradiso
Photo Credit: @JordanElliot17

“I went to my very first rave as a super last minute tag-along with my group of friends. I literally spent my last $50 on a ticket and squeezed into the backseat of their car along with all their camping gear! My favorite memory was getting lost and finding my way into the crowd while Above & Beyond were playing and just taking in the whole experience. I felt like I had finally found where I belonged. I haven’t missed a Paradiso since, and I don’t plan to. It’s the one festival that I won’t ever get tired of. 💕”  -  @shleeedm

shleeedm at Paradiso
Photo Credit: @shleeedm

Personally, my favorite memory from Paradiso happened in 2016 when I was approached by this girl. She comes up to me and says “Hey, I think you photobombed me and my friends in 2013 while waiting for the Ferris wheel. I was shocked she remembered me from so long ago. She then proceeded to pull up the picture, and then she showed me a picture that I had never seen from my first EDM festival. After we connected on social media, we obviously had to recreate the pic so here is our glow up:

Throwback Raver Glow Up

Photo Credits: Kelsey Paige on Facebook

Ticketing/VIP, camping, and all other info about Paradiso is available on USC Event's website. Lineup to be announced soon. See you at the Gorge! 
Ravers Throwing up a Heart Sign at Paradiso Festival
Photo Credit: Turk Photos & USC Events

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