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Happy 2019! I hope everyone is having a great start to 2019. Now that we're back to our daily routines, is anybody else missing the magic of NYE?! I know these January blues are definitely making me miss Countdown 2018. What a great way to end 2018 and start 2019. It might’ve been a little windy but it was worth the chill for a night that was out-of-this-world. It was one-of-a-kind alien abduction that I hope to return to next year (although, maybe without the wind). Each set, performer, stage and light were awesome as it should be on NYE!

I have been to the NOS Center a few times for events but this event was truly one-of-a-kind. This year, Countdown adapted a few new changes to the annual New Year's Eve event. Not only did the event switched from a 2-day to a 1-day event, but the event adapted a new theme for the evening. This year, we celebrated NYE with an alien/outer space theme for the event. Insomniac went all out for on decorations. Everything was alien, UFO or outer-space themed. They even used old carnival rides (the UFO shaped ones that spun everyone really fast inside) as a bar. The Area 51 bar was a spectacle to walk by and through. As always, Insomniac does a spectacular job with their performers. This year, special alien performers walked the grounds of the NOS Center. Talk about out of this solar system!

Countdown NYE performers

Photo Courtesy of Insomniac Events

Each set was zoom zoom zoom, and each DJ was supernova. I was able to catch every set I wanted to, but I had to brace the wind from stage to stage. Insomniac added plenty of space heaters to help but unfortunately, the wind swept the heat away. Regardless, everyone appreciated the help with the cold. The Solar Flare Garden was also created as an area to warm up and the flare part was a cool touch. 

Also the outstanding food options, my friends kept, and my fluffies kept me warm. So many beautiful people had fluffies on and I was loving it! I'm starting a petition to #BringFluffiesBack2019.

Countdown NYE outfit with fluffies

Get the Look: Side-stripe Windbreaker, Black & Silver Leg Wraps, Cross Faded Mesh Top, Disco Micro Booty Shorts, Alien Pasties, Fluffies

Insomniac added so many picture-taking areas for Countdown and for future events they’ll be doing, (*Cough* Beyond Wonderland *Cough*) It definitely got me pumped for 2019 festival season. 

Before Countdown, I wrote an article about 5 sets Not to Miss at Countdown and I was able to see every artist on my list - it was out of this galaxy! GG Mcgree came out onto the stage actually screaming into the mic. If that isn’t the easiest way to get me hyped for a set then I am not sure what could top that. Andrew Rayel was beautiful as always. I had to split Shiba San & RL Grime but it was worth it. The Prototypes were something else though, I have never seen so many people hyped for a drum and bass set like I did at Countdown. Even at Friction the crowd was wildly energetic (bonus: dancing definitely keeps you warm!)

Countdown NYE Main Stage

Photo Courtesy of Insomniac Events

The stages were another world of amazing. Although the entire theme was aliens, each stage still looked different and brought a unique vibe to the event. During the  countdown they had aliens abducting whoever was playing and then they displayed the aliens taking over our screens and us. It was an amazing experience to be with everyone counting into the new year. This was my first Countdown experience and I have to say I’d love to do it again!

Hopefully 2019 brings you all the stars and planets you dream of! New events to go to and maybe I’ll catch you at a show this year, always come say hi! To infinity and beyond, fellow ravers!!!  


Cover photo courtesy of Insomniac Events

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