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I am over-the-moon excited to send off 2018 at Get Together this year in Edmonton, Alberta. (Can I get a hell-yeah from all my Canadian ravers?)

Get Together is a two-day festival, held in the heart of Alberta’s capital city on Thursday, December 27, 2018 and Friday December 28, 2018. Get Together is an extra special treat for the ravers of the north (and anyone who likes a good time), because two of Western Canada’s leading forces in entertainment, Blueprint and Boodang, team up to create an exceptionally mind-blowing experience. There are a TON of reasons why I’m jazzed about this event (if you haven’t already done so, check out my blog post for everything you need to know about Get Together). However, I am definitely most excited about the killer lineup. This event has a diverse mixture of artists that cater to Edmonton’s love for bass. Here’s my list of 5 sets you won’t want to miss:

1. Alison Wonderland

Let me just start by saying, I am a huge A.Wonderland fan. I have been itching to catch one of her sets for years, so when I heard she was returning to Edmonton after 3 years, I knew this was a show I couldn’t miss. Like I mentioned in the linked article above, I think the anticipation of her long-awaited return will result in some serious energy from both herself and the crowd. The Australian-based producer dropped her latest Album, Awake (which is a banger, might I add) this past spring, and I think the mixture of her latest beats, insane love for her fans and epic stage presence will bring some serious electricity to the event.

I will be hyping myself up for her set with a classic song, and my all-time favorite of hers, “I Want U.”



2. TroyBoi

TroyBoi holds a special place in my heart, so I’m really looking forward to catching another one of his sets. I was introduced to the London-born artist at my very first rave, and his track, “After Hours,” has filled my heart with welcomed feelings of nostalgia ever since. TroyBoi is an entertainer, through and through. Known for his immense amount of energy and ability to hype the crowd, his performance is sure to be a highlight of the night for all my trap fans out there. If you and your squad are looking to get pumped TF up, hitting up TroyBoi’s set is a must. Bump his 2016 track, “And Wot?” for a little taste of what’s in store:


3. Diplo

It’s no secret that Diplo is a complete EDM powerhouse, so I’m really interested in seeing a live performance from such a diverse musical dynamo. Headlining night 1 at Get Together, Diplo is responsible for producing an insane amount of hit tracks. A few of my personal favourites are “Where Are Ü Now” with Justin Bieber and Skrillex, “Blame” with Zeds Dead and “After Hours” with TroyBoi, (mentioned above). He is also a founding member of the popular electronic groups Major Lazer, and Jack Ü with Skrillex, adding even more flavourful impact to the music scene. Saying Diplo has a diverse hand in the industry is a huge understatement. He is one of the most dynamic and influential artists in the game, so I can only imagine how that level of experience and musical diversity will shape his set. I’ve been really vibing his song “Electricity,” with Silk City, Dua Lipa and Mark Ronson:


4. Black Tiger Sex Machine

I love some super heavy beats that I can feel in the filthiest parts of my soul, so I’m stoked to catch my first BTSM set. (If I’m being honest, I’m currently jamming to them as I write this article). First of all, let’s acknowledge the fact that this trio is Canadian! (Automatic win). Second, let’s chat about their reputation for having one of the best live performances around. Filled with intense post-apocalyptic visuals, explosions of beats and sounds and a sickening amount of energy, it’s no secret why their sets tend to be packed with fans. I’ve been really feeling their song, “Broken Machines” from their 2018 album, New Worlds. Check it out:


5. Illenium

All aboard the feels train, because Illenium is headlining night 2 at Get Together and I couldn’t be more ready to vibe with my fellow ravers. If there was ever a time I knew there would be some loving energy connecting the souls in an event centre, it’s now. I really dig Illenium for that exact reason, his music reminds me of why I fell in love with rave culture in the first place. Don’t get me wrong, my first step into the EDM world was a love for the music. However, the culture behind electronic music goes so much deeper than that. It’s a radiating community filled with love, good vibes and acceptance, and Illenium’s beats remind me of that.

His song “Take You Down,” is a favorite of mine:  


There are a ton of other amazing artists attending Get Together this year! Check out the full lineup:

Get Together Lineup 2018

Photo Provided by Blueprint/Boodang/Get Together


If you're looking to attend Get Together, head to their website for information and tickets.

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