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EDC is pure magic for ravers. The lights, the music, the art, the vibes—it's all amazing. If you've never been under the electric sky before, you're going to want to read up on this guide that will tell u all u need to know. We're covering everything from how to get to Vegas, where to stay, what to do in Vegas while ur there, where to shop for clothes last minute, where to eat, and our top secrets on how to get the most out of EDC (some of these were really hard to give up!).

EDC Basics

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What is EDC?

Electric Daisy Carnival is an annual all-EDM festival that takes place in Las Vegas each spring. The festival started in Los Angeles in the '90s before it moved to Las Vegas where it has since grown to become one of the largest raves in the world. Today, EDC showcases dozens of artists across a large handful of stages, art cars and pop up experiences at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

How much are EDC tickets?

Tickets to EDC start at $339 for General Admission, $519 for GA+, and $779 for 21+ VIP. GA tickets will grant you access to the festival, while GA+ provides added perks like faster entry and premium restrooms (trust me, it's worth it).

VIP to Electric Daisy Carnival will get you even more with expedited entry, upgraded bathrooms, elevated viewing decks, VIP areas and experiences and VIP bar areas throughout the festival. If you have the money, it's definitely worth it to upgrade your tickets for a seamless experience all around—though there is no way to have a bad time at EDC.

Tickets for 2024 can be purchased here.

What are the EDC rules you have to abide by?

There are no "rules" technically, aside from the laws and legal stipulations you must respect while at EDC, but the event is for you! Do what you want, and don't worry about what anyone else will think. You can find a complete list of the policies and laws you must abide by here. 

What is the EDC start time?

EDC goes from sunset to sunrise! 

Is there an EDC age limit? 

EDC is 18+, and you have to be 21+ to drink alcohol or access VIP. 


The EDC lineup always has a great variety of dance music artists across all subgenres. There are dedicated stages for each genre, and those stages all offer stacked lineups for fans of anything from trance, to house, to the gnarliest dubstep of the year. There are also art cars which host their own artists, and pop up or surprise guest appearances throughout the weekend.

You can check out the 2024 lineup below:

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Traveling to EDC/Where to Stay in Vegas

Thanks to how easy it is to get to Las Vegas from anywhere in the world, EDC festival is definitely one of the easier festivals to travel to. Here are guides on how to get to Las Vegas (and to the festival itself once you're there), and where to stay in Las Vegas for EDC week/weekend.These guides have everything u need to know, like how to book the EDC Las Vegas shuttle or which EDC hotel in Las Vegas is the best for u. 

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EDC Packing Guide

Las Vegas is very hot, even in the spring. The festival moved its dates from mid-June to mid-May a couple of years ago in order to offer camping, but it's still very hot in the day and warm throughout the night.

Camping at EDC offers pretty much everything you would need to get through the weekend without bringing your own gear, so we didn't include a camping guide in our packing list for that reason. We do have a Camp EDC checklist which was created specifically for you to know what to bring to the EDC camping experience.

Check out our EDC packing guide here.

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What to Wear to EDC

Like I said before, Las Vegas is hot day and night. Our EDC outfit inspiration guide has everything you need to find the perfect outfit for this magical weekend. If you're still having a hard time figuring out what to wear, take this quiz on what ur rave vibe is for more inspo. Here are some EDC Las Vegas outfits u can't go wrong with!  


Guide - EDC Outfit Inspiration

Quiz- What's Ur Vibe?

EDC Outfit Inspiration for Guys

Shop our Electric Bloom collection here

Lux Rave

We've all been there. Ur at a festival and suddenly the outfits u packed don't seem right. Maybe they're uncomfortable, too hot or too cold. Maybe you just feel like you want to wear something else. iHeartRaves has u covered for EDC rave outfits. Each year we bring the Lux Rave Pop Up Shop to Luxor on the Las Vegas Strip. This is a great place to grab last minute EDC clothes, stock up on gloves or other flow toys, or even change ur whole vibe for the weekend with new EDC outfit ideas and stuff for sale. 

You can order online and pick up in-store for easy shopping or come browse the whole collection and shop onsite. It's a great place to meet fellow ravers, shop for gear or just get some inspo for ur future rave looks.

Everything U Need To Know About Lux Rave

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EDC Makeup and Hair Ideas

Once u have ur looks prepped, it's time to plan ur makeup and hair! I think one of the best things about ravers is that they always go all out, especially for EDC festival. Here are some guides on hair and makeup ideas for EDC.

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First Timer EDC Las Vegas Tips

It can be scary going to something as big as EDC for the first time. Stay hydrated and always be prepared with these EDC tips. We have tip guides made from a bunch of different ravers to make sure you're as prepared as possible! Consider us ur rave mom.

Tips for an unforgettable weekend.

Tips for first time EDC attendees.

10 Things to know before your first EDC.

Things ravers wish they knew before their first EDC.

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EDC Las Vegas Stages and Art Installations

Since EDC is such a big event you can end up not seeing the whole thing throughout the weekend. Take some time to venture into different stages and find art installations located throughout the festival to get a truly one of a kind experience. You can see your favorite artists as they tour in your own city, and definitely make time for them as you please, but part of the fun of EDC is discovering new things and experiencing new music you wouldn't normally check out.

We have guides to both the stages and art installtions you'll find at EDC so that you can better prepare for what you'll be experiencing once you're under the electric sky.

EDC Las Vegas Stage Guide

EDC Las Vegas Art Guide

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What To Do In Vegas During EDC Week

It's not just EDC festival. Las Vegas is a raver paradise during the entire week leading up to the festival and through the weekend. With club events, day parties, the Lux Rave Pop Up Shop and art installments throughout Las Vegas, there are tons of raver-friendly things to do in the area that week.

Some ravers only go to the festival for one or two days and spend the rest of their time checking out parties and events on the Strip and Downtown. Here's our guide on what to do in Vegas during EDC.

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Last Minute EDC Festival Tips

There's always those little things you forget about at the last minute. Here are our last minute tips like what to expect out of the weather, what kind of band aids to pack, and more.

Last minute EDC tips.

EDC 2021 Recap

And finally, to get you excited for 2024, here is a recap of EDC Las Vegas 2021.

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