Phoenix Lights lineup

Founded in 2015, Phoenix Lights Festival is a two-day massive music festival, held just outside Phoenix, Arizona. The festival's theme is out of this world and is based on the viral UFO sightings that Arizona has experienced in 1997. You’ll find tons of alien invaders at this fest! The event's host, Relentless Beats, has been paving the way for Phoenix’s rave scene, organizing diverse and fresh lineups. Although this music festival has only been around for a few years, Relentless Beats has found something truly special with this event, by creating an experience that is out of this world! People of all ages can enjoy the festival because it's an all-ages event, but those 15 and under have to be accompanied by an adult.

We attended Phoenix Lights in 2018 and had a blast! Read about it on the iHeartRaves Studio 240 blog, so you can know what to expect when it comes to this festival.