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Home and Wellness

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Our Home and Wellness Collection will have you doing a self-care day, every day of the week!πŸ’†πŸΌ In this collection, you'll find tons of home goods, wellness products, crystals, and cute lights!🌟 Need a mood or room makeover? Use our aroma room sprays & scented candles around your environment and feel instant boots to set the tone for the perfect day! πŸ’…πŸ»Β Don't forget to clear & protect your space of negative energies with our crystal kit, palo santo, and white wage smudge sticks or better yet create an amazing self-care package for your besties with the array of Rose Quartz, Green Fluorite, Amethyst and Black Kyanite.πŸ’ŽΒ  These crystals in this collection build the perfect self-care kit with the legendary powers they are able to enhance love, passion, creativity as well as stimulate and soothe the mind and emotions of all the chakras.πŸ’•


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