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Libra Outfit


Libras strive for harmony in all aspects of life and enjoy the company of others. These individuals are fascinated by balance and symmetry and can sometimes be perfectionists. This can be somewhat exhausting since they can also be indecisive. This collection consists of tons of glam, rhinestones, and sparkle. You'll find black mesh, rhinestone hair accessories, stunning gem bell-bottoms, sassy fringe skirts, cute rhinestone crop tops, and long-sleeve mesh tops. Their idealistic perfectionist ways will guarantee a fabulous and trendy outfit that'll blow up on IG. They invest most of their energy in keeping their environment and lives lovely, tidy and orderly. You know she'll be carrying gum, wet wipes, and eyelash glue in her stylish fanny pack, all while reminding her rave fam of the importance of using the trash cans as well as saving the turtles one straw at a time.

This outfit includes

  • Star Bobby Pins
  • Stargazer Sequin Mesh Crop Top
  • Neva Nude Mirrored Mayhem Star Pasties
  • Stargazer Mesh Bell Bottoms
  • Ultra Hi-Rise Booty Shorts
Select Options:
Star Bobby Pins
Star Bobby Pins

Neva Nude Mirrored Mayhem Star Pasties
Neva Nude Mirrored Mayhem Star Pasties

Ultra Hi-Rise Booty Shorts
Ultra Hi-Rise Booty Shorts

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