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Don’t blend in the dark, stand out with our favorite light up accessories! Let these rave lights shine bright while you dance the night away at your next event. Our LED pins make great accessories to fluffies, tutus, jackets, rave clothes, or just about anything you can possibly clip it on. As an added bonus, many LED pins have multi modes and colors. You’ll never have to settle for one option. Are you a glasses type of person? The night may make it difficult for others to see your amazing raver glasses…unless you rock LED glasses. We have light up glasses made with high quality EL Wire in different customizable settings for all your wild nights. If you’re the unique and creative type, electroluminescent wire (EL wire) makes it easy. These rope lights are super flexible and durable, even dancing under the Electric Sky won’t tear it apart. Sew it into your outfit, add it to your totem pole, or convert it to shoelaces! You’ll find all the glow in the dark party supplies you need only at iHeartRaves. We offer a variety of styles of LED light up pin packs and other cool flashing, blinky lights. These pins will turn any festival outfit from great to fabulous in a flash. Add these bright LED accessories to your fluffies and shuffle away, or pins some to your tutu to be a dazzling rave fairy. Looking for a unique EDM hat pin? Why not one of our LED pins? Don’t be afraid to get pin crazy, stick them everywhere and light it up!