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iHeartRaves is your one-stop shop for all things light toys and glow gear. We’re pretty sure every raver loves lights. Why not be a part of the show too? Create beautiful light art with a pair of rave gloves, LED poi, fiber optic whips, levitation wands, and more! Create galaxies with the all-new Zero Orbit or give the ultimate light show with the best-selling LED glove set of all time, the eLite ezLite 2.0. We’re ready to light it up with all your light toy needs. Check out all our favorite led light up toys to make your night extra special.

The eLite EzLite 2.0 Glove Set is best first glove set that you’ll find. These gloves are ready to use straight from the box, allow for countless customizable color combinations, and offer premier ClickSwitch Technology that will allow you to give masterful light shows in no time.

If you’re looking for a different way to have your peers sitting in awe, the orbits are the way to go. The Zero Orbit and Orbite X3 are on the rise to becoming one of the most popular rave light toys. From casual play to giving face-melting light shows, you’ll be hooked on spinning these rave lights to give illusions of magic.

We’re ready to light it up with all your light toy needs. Check out all our favorite rave lights to make your night extra special. Don’t blend in the dark, stand out with our favorite light up accessories! Let these rave lights shine brightly while you dance the night away at your next event. Our LED pins make great accessories to fluffies, tutus, jackets, rave clothes, or just about anything you can possibly clip it on. As an added bonus, many LED pins have multi modes and colors. You’ll never have to settle for one option.

Check out these flow art toys that we carry as well, in case these better suit your style. The FiberFlies rave light whip and LED Flow Wand might be what exactly what you’re looking for to enhance the way you move on the dance floor. These new methods of performance offer an experience like no other. Everyone will be gathering around you to catch all of the mesmerizing lights flowing through your body as you move to the rhythm of the music. Don’t wait any longer! It’s time to become part of the show and give people something worth remembering. Light it up with the best rave toys you’ll ever come across!

Where To Wear It: Raves, Music Festivals, House Parties, Concerts, Dancers, Performers, and Beginners & Experienced Users!